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Happiness is Your Birthright
(as taught by Yogi Bhajan)
A 5 part series using breath, posture, sound and meditation to awaken to your TRUE, infinite Self.

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Wellness Through Transformation
Weekend Retreats
Jan. 30 & 31 • Feb. 27 & 28

Personal Discovery for Couples or Girlfriends

This exclusive weekend retreat will teach you how to tap into your creative energy and begin a journey toward realizing your true potential. Personal coach (consultant) Nicola Burnell will introduce you to a variety of effective techniques that will lead you into the flow of your body/mind connection.
      Your journey wll begin with a fireside gathering on Friday evening, where Nicola will present you with a journal and an informational package with descriptions of the techniques to be used for the weekend. In this safe, nurturing setting you will begin a process of self-discovery through the writing of morning pages, building a vision (life) map and experiencing guided meditation. Each technique is designed to help you excavate old limiting beliefs and explore new possibilities. (All supplies are provided).
      Weekend includes light sandwiches Friday Night, Breakfast each morning, Dinner buffet Saturday evening, and a 30 minute body massage during your stay.
Optional Spa Treatment: Enhance your journey with a healing massage. This relaxing, energy-focused body treatment will help you release energy blocks (stuck chi) and promote overall wellbeing. This one hour session also includes aromatherapy, crystal healing, tuning forks, and Reiki. $99.00  
2 night package, double occupancy and best available room $499 per person, single occupancy $699.



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It wasn’t until a few days later that my Spirit Guides wanted to discuss what had happened. They said that they drew my awareness to the alarming announcements and the episodes on the plane to help me to see how fear can be so debilitating. They informed me that I was not just a recipient of the miracle that was created, but also a co-creator. It occurred because of my conviction that miracles can occur and the energy I put into helping to steady the airplane. They also said I have been a co-creator in all of the miracles I have witnessed. I was so shocked and amazed at that news, I just started to cry. I never realized how each one of us who experiences the beautiful gifts of Spirit called miracles is not merely an observer but also a participant. The implications are powerful. When we contribute strong belief, love, energy, and intention, we open the door for Spiritual intervention. All of these things together move energy, space and time in a way that creates beautiful, beneficial, healing moments. This is what miracles are about.

Lynne Delaney lives in Brewster, where she meets with clients for private and group healing sessions. She is a Conscious Living Consultant and Reiki Master who offers Reiki treatments combined with intuitive energy and crystals. She offers private sessions in spiritual guidance, intuitive tarot, and hypnotherapy, as well as table-tipping and transfiguration sessions for groups. With a background in science and spiritual studies, she is able to better understand how both disciplines contribute to healing and well-being. To find out more or make an appointment, contact Lynne at (508) 241-3048 or


Orbs and Three Deer

This photo was taken in Marlborough, Mass. on November 11, 2008.
Photo copyright Tessa Rudd, 2008

MANY OF YOU may have seen Orbs in your digital photographs. They appear to be one or many balls of light. At first it seems they could, possibly, be dust particles, water droplets, or lens flare . . . but they are not. This photograph was taken OUTSIDE -- Tessa saw three deer by the side of the road while driving home from work. She stopped her car, got out to take a photo with her digital camera, and noticed these orbs when she loaded the photos into her computer the next day.
   These Orbs, or "elementals" as they prefer to be called, can be seen floating through the trees, accompanying the deer. Digital cameras are more sensitive than film cameras to the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, where many Orbs seem to occur. The study of Orbs is in its infancy, but research so far reveals that Orbs are beings composed of levels of energy that live in a frequency outside of what we can normally see. Some people believe Orbs are messengers from beyond. "Basically, they are what we would be if we lost our physical body," says Dr. Miceal Ledwith, who has studied more than 15,000 Orb images and has appeared in the films What the Bleep Do We Know, and Orbs: The Veil is Lifting. He says that it's not uncommon for dozens of Orbs to appear in a photograph where there is a happy or healing event taking place.
      For more information about this fascinating subject, go to: |







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A Message from Spirit
Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Dearest beautiful souls of love and creation:

Spirit would like to share with you that you are co-creators of all the miracles in life. Miracles are simply reminders and markers that help us to see the profound beauty in all of creation. A miracle is a wondrous avenue for self expansion and total understanding of the natural laws in the Universe. All of life is a miracle, of course, but the kind of miracles Spirit speaks of now are the ones that arrive to us at the perfect time, and in a way that defies all understanding of physical reality. These moments and shifting natures of reality are gifts created by your strong faith and belief in something that goes beyond your logical comprehension. Every miracle is an act of faith by you combined with the love and light of Infinite Spirit. Feel lovingly powerful, abundant and special, knowing that every miracle you witness or know about includes your energy!


Background to this message:

When I was traveling back from California last month, in October, for my brother-in-law’s wedding, I had a heart-opening experience that helped me to understand the power and beauty of miracles.
      I do not like to fly. Whenever I am on a plane, the experience seems to become a test for me one way or another. This particular flight was filled with many challenges and surprises. My lesson started right as I entered into the airport. I suddenly felt nervous all over. My body was shaking, my heart rate was increasing, and my thoughts were filled with worry about the flight. As if on cue, I heard an overhead announcement stating that the airport was in Code Orange and passengers should be alert to suspicious behavior or baggage left unattended. In response, my inner fear was amplified to a new level. I looked around anxiously to see if anyone else was listening to this important announcement but, to my surprise, nobody seemed to have heard it. They just kept talking and going about their business. I began to wonder if the announcement was a sign that I should not get onto the airplane. I asked my husband Josh if he felt nervous about the flight but he did not. So, I steadied myself with a deep breath, checked in with my gut and decided that was okay to board the airplane. I said a quick prayer before I crossed the threshold and then stepped into my journey.
      As we were getting settled into our seats, a man sitting in the seat in front of us with his two year old son in his lap was trying to get his wife and baby to sit next to him. They had not been able to get two tickets next to each other. He appealed to the person next to him to change seats with his wife. The fellow passenger was agreeable, but before he could get up to make the switch, the flight attendant came over and said, “I told you before, you cannot all sit together. There are only three oxygen masks and if you all sit there, there would be more people than masks. If we were to have a decompression not all of you would survive.” After I heard that, my fear rose up again, my mind filled with images decompression, of grabbing for the oxygen mask, the plane in trouble . . . . My imagination was tricking me into believing that I was having a premonition. I thought, “We need to get off of this plane now!” But it was too late; we were already rolling down the runway for take-off. My heart was pounding. “This is it,” I thought. Then the captain came on the loud speaker to announce that the Santa Anna winds were extremely powerful that day, creating rough turbulence and dangerous conditions. He proceeded to say that we would have to keep our “lifebelts” on for the first 45 minutes of the flight. He said lifebelts instead of seat belts! My fear was escalating to new heights. I had to get a grip!
      We lifted off the ground without incident but as we ascended I could feel the turbulence make the wings of the airplane wobble up and down. I looked over at Josh as I was squeezing his arm and said, “I cannot take another 45 minutes of this!” All that seemed left to do was look out the window and say to Infinite Spirit, “I know miracles are possible. I have witnessed so many in my life already.” I said this with conviction, truth and love. In reply, I heard my Angels and Spirit Guides say, “Do what you know how to do, then we will reinforce what you do.” So I took in a deep breath and began to pray. I called in Infinite Spirit, my Angels, and my Spirit Guides. I placed white light around the plane and everyone in it. I sent energy to the pilot and co-pilot and all of the flight attendants. I drew three reiki symbols for power out in front of the airplane as a shield to protect against turbulent air. I asked my Angels to hold up the wings of the plane. Then I just sat and channeled the energy.
      A few minutes later, the airplane was smoothing out. I could not believe it. After ten minutes, my Grandmother in Spirit said, “There will be two more small episodes of turbulence then the captain will turn off the seatbelt sign.” Sure enough, the plane experienced two more bumpy patches, then the turmoil stopped. The captain came on over the speakers and said in baffled way, “Well, other planes are still reporting strong turbulence up here, but we cannot seem to find it.” He then turned off the seatbelt sign, more than a half hour earlier than originally announced. The rest of the flight was nice and smooth and the sunset was spectacular. I was so happy and so grateful that the turbulence had ceased.

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