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Journey to Avalon: Collecting a Bouquet of Wisdom

by Bonnie Perry

My sacred journey to Avalon was life changing. I experienced openings, shifts, and new awareness physically, emotionally and spiritually. The depth and breadth was so great that I was touched at all dimensions and in many past lives; my soul, my Higher Self was close at hand.

The theme that emerged was seeing, knowing and being with the past in order to integrate all of my gifts and wisdom in the present. All along the path, I was presented with pieces of myself and collected a beautiful, vibrant bouquet of wisdom - one that is meant to be shared.

There was a sense of visiting the past, experiencing it and letting it go in order to glean the ancient wisdom and, at the same time, to make room for the new to breeze in.

I connected with several past lives where I could feel my feet retracing well-worn footpaths that I have traveled before, revisiting parts of myself in a splendid way. This sense of familiarity occurred at nearly every stop along my journey.

One of my goals, or intentions on this journey was to heighten my connection to the Earth Mother. This began at the Chalice Well, where I experienced a deep connection to the trees as well as the water. I felt the energy of the Guardian Trees when I hugged them. They felt familiar.

When I lay down on the grass beneath these giant, thick-barked yews, I felt their energy from above and below simultaneously. Their large limbs and vibrantly growing leaves protected me. The shelter that they provided was like being enveloped in a blanket of gentle green wisdom.

Their network of roots reached down, down deep into Mother Earth. They cradled my energy and fed me from below. Their old, stored energy felt like a battery from which to draw renewed life force in to my being. The roots are humble, strong and purposeful. I felt loved and nurtured.

I understood that these interwoven networks are the avenues through which the realms connect and communicate. I could feel the water flowing beneath me – the continual movement of the lifeblood. I felt as though I was uploading ancient wisdom from the depths of this underground life-system.

I realized that there is as much or more life and energy beneath the ground as above. This was a major opening for me. I am often connected to the celestial energy, but at the Chalice Well I realized that I need balance in order to be free.

14th-century church tower, Glastonbury Tor, England
14th-century church tower, Glastonbury Tor, England

Walking up the Tor felt like a retrace from long ago. Physically placing my bare feet upon that sacred ground and following the footfalls of the ancient ones was familiar and almost ineffable.

As I gazed at the horizon, I felt a cool breeze as a pungent smell swirled in the air. It was as if the clock had spun back to the days when a barge was needed to approach this sacred land. I was honored to receive and to contribute love and wisdom of the Tor.

While spiraling into the center of the Sanctuary in Avebury, I felt myself in two different lifetimes. I was a young priestess wearing a light, billowing dress. My hair was adorned with flowers and trails of petals streaming in the wind amongst the tangles in my long, blonde hair. I sensed the honor and responsibility being placed upon me. It was comfortable, and I was competent.

Moments later, as I got closer to the center of the spiral, I was a smaller, darker woman wearing a simple green tunic made of a thickly woven fabric. My feet were barefoot, dirty and callused from walking. This illuminated past simplicity and life with the land.

Each of these felt like a glimpse into my past. The significance revealed to me is that I have walked these many paths numerous times. Each had a different character with a different experience and a unique gift. I am called to take this all in at this moment in time in order to build the future.

Prehistoric stones of Stonehenge, England
Prehistoric stones of Stonehenge, England

A significant part of my original call to take this trip was my life-long attraction to and feeling of affinity with Stonehenge.

As I physically stood in the center of the circle of huge, moss-covered stones, I connected with the powerful intention with which this magnificent multi-ringed sacred space was constructed, and the magnitude of the importance of this ancient cultural mandala. The ancient energy was soothing to my soul. Magical. Mystical. Magnificent. Truly, this surpasses anything words can express.

I found a new voice through poetry while on this trip. Both the content, and the way in which it "arrived" demonstrate the power of this journey. During a mundane bus ride, lines of poetry simply started to flow.

Although I love the written word, I had never composed a single line of poetry before. This opening was a concrete demonstration of my progress. Its occurrence during a lull in the travel itinerary helped me to see that the thread of a sacred journey is woven continually – not just at official peak experiences. Richness is often born in subtlety.

One poem, My Avalon Journey, began as lines of text. I then saw that I was to center the lines, which created an hourglass shape. This mirrored feelings I had written in my journal, that I went from loose to tight and back to loose, ending wide open. This reflects the magnitude of the unseen forces at work in my life, which foster my enlightenment and ascension.

Reflecting upon my trip, I conclude that yes, I did everything that I set out to do. My intentions were exactly right and now seem Divinely inspired. What did change was the depth to which I experienced each moment. My goals were surpassed exponentially and beyond anything that I could have conjured in my 3D existence.

All levels of my being were affected - the conscious, subconscious, super-conscious and perhaps the collective unconscious. Cousineau1 describes a pilgrimage as "taking the soul for a stroll" (p.25). This captures the depth of the experience that went far, far beyond the five senses.

My experience, ineffable in large part, was rich and multi-layered. Parts of my Being previously unknown to me were significantly affected by my sacred journey. I collected a beautiful, everlasting bouquet of my soul, colored by my past and adding depth, wisdom and grace to the present and to the future.

1Cousineau P. (1998). The art of pilgrimage: The seeker's guide to making travel sacred. Berkeley, CA: Conari.

Photographs courtesy of Bonnie Perry

My Avalon Journey

by Bonnie Perry

A Call of my soul from long ago
Revisit to refresh to reignite
Kaleidoscope of memories
Passion and connection
All is One as One is All
A Simple knowing
Allow the flow
Take it all in
Let it go
Be here
In myself
Deep pockets
Ancient wisdom
Experiences become
Background upon which
Tapestry of all life is woven
Flower adorned young priestess
Barefooted woman in dark green tunic
Bring forward previously untapped wisdom
To share and reconnect the past with the future

Bonnie Perry is an intuitive who recently earned a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University, located at Edgar Cayce's Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, VA.

Bonnie has followed a diverse path through the business world into the art world as a glass artist. She is a certified Past-Life Regressionist and a professional member in the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH). She is also a Transformation Facilitator, Reiki Master and Mid-Wife of Possibilities.

To read more about Bonnie visit her web site www.bonnieperry.org