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Dear Nickey,

I would like to praise Hannah Depin for her, Homeless Not Hopeless, story.

This young women’s devotion of heart rings throughout this piece. She slaps us in the face with the hard facts and shakes us to care.

Thank you Hannah, you opened my eyes.

Debbie McNaughton
South Yarmouth

Dear Nicola,

First of all I would like to thank you very much for attending our Homeless Not Hopeless vigil with the Sturgis students last October. I want you to know that I am very grateful that you took your time to support our plight for the homeless. It takes a special person to take the time out of their daily activities to help care about our homeless brothers and sisters who are in dire need of help.

Everyone here at Homeless Not Hopeless read Hannah Depin’s article about the vigil. Everybody was so thrilled about the article that the girls laminated it and put it in my office above the desk. I feel truly honored that we would even be considered for your women’s magazine.

Thank you.

Sincerely Billy Bishop
Homeless Not Hopeless: We offer a hand up not a handout!
Publisher’s Note: Dear Billy, thank YOU for the great work you and your team are doing. I hope you also enjoy Hanah’s latest article, Offering Hope to Cape Cod’s Homeless

Greetings Nicola,

May I share with you a fine reason for Cape Women to enjoy a proud chuckle; one of the reasons I chose the Orleans area as my 'new' home was because of your magazine! It was a print version that I'd picked up back then ... and declared to myself ... this is indeed the place for me!

So I thank you for a fine guiding light to your shores!

I do look forward to meeting you one day,

Ginia Pati

Publisher’s Note: Thank you, Ginia, for your heartwarming letter! We are honored to have you join our excellent community of Cape Women. This is why our magazine exists…for readers like you who are inspired to take action in their lives and then share your story with us. I loved your poem WINTER BEACH and was delighted to publish it in our Literary Women Section.

Cape Women Celebrate Seven Years of Cape Women Online Magazine!

Thank you for your support, encouragement and inspiration for our magazine. Here are just a few of our favorite Reader Letters.

Dear Nicola

I look forward to reading Cape Women Online stories. One of my favorite authors is Deb McNaughton. I enjoy her sentiments and reflections. Growing up in the same time period, her memories often mirror mine for certain events.

She has a very capturing and welcoming writing style.

Keep up the great work.

Jane KH Walsh

Dearest Nickey,

I just read your piece 90 YEARS LATER…The Triumphant Return of Edith Lake Wilkinson’s Art to Provincetown.

You did just a beautiful, beautiful job of capturing Edith's homecoming.

Thank you for all the care and the passion you've put into this.

Thank you, truly.

Jane Anderson
Playwright, screenwriter, film director

Publisher’s Note: Thank you, Jane, for reaching out and asking Cape Women to support this incredible journey. You have given Cape Cod a real gift by liberating the artwork of Edith from the trunks of that attic. “Here’s to being seen!”

Dear CWO,

I feel like the coolest kid in school to get to write for your magazine. I hope you know - you make such an energetic and educational difference in the community.

Diane Kovanda

Publisher’s note: Thank YOU Diane for your wonderful contributions to our magazine. There would be nothing to publish if we didn’t have submissions from such excellent writers, like you.

Hi Nicky,

Just a quick note of GRATITUDE and taking the opportunity to add my voice to the TEAM EDITH choir singing your praises!

Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful, heart-filled piece about Edith's "triumphant return to Provincetown" that you've written for the Holiday 2013 issue of Cape Women Online. The day Jane connected with you (and you with Edith…and Jane) was a blessed day indeed!

It was great to see you, your Jane and of course Kim Baker at Edith's opening night, as it added an extra layer of magic to an already magical evening.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the status of the film, as well as any new discoveries along the way.

All the best,

Michelle Boyaner
Greenie Films

Publisher’s Note: Thank you Michelle! It was so good to travel to Provincetown for Edith’s opening reception and see firsthand just how much support she (and Team Edith) really have on Cape Cod. See you in the spring!

Dear Nickey, Jane and Katie,

Bravo on the fabulous new website design! The website is vibrant, easy to use, and full of accessible information, not just in the articles themselves, but in the advertisements of all Cape Cod women have to offer the community.

There is no place like home. And Cape Women Online has become home to so many of us who visit it often for inspiration, news, and meaningful products and services of all kinds.

Thank you so much for your wonderful publication. The new design makes a great publication all that much better.

Warmest regards,
Kim M. Baker

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