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Planting Seeds On The New Moon

by Alicia Mathewson

I am passionate about the moon: how it looks in the sky, where it is in its phase, and what it teaches me about myself, the world, and the cycles of nature.

I have been blessed to see full and new moons all over the world, but one of the most profound places I witnessed the moon was in the Middle East, while teaching music in Egypt and Beirut, Lebanon, in 2009-2010.

During this time of living in the desert and sometimes by the Red Sea, I became even more aware of the moon - how it resonates with me specifically and how it has dictated multiple religious calendars.

Did you know that the Catholic Church bases its holiday schedule on moon cycles? Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon following the Spring Equinox - set by the First Council of Nicaea in 325.

Buddha was born on a full moon, therefore inspiring Buddhists to celebrate the Wesak Full Moon in May every year. According to, "The New Moon (the start of every Jewish month) is the most pivotal date in the Jewish Calendar. Without the New Moon, we could not have any of the Jewish Holidays. All the Jewish Holidays revolve around the date of the New Moon"1

In Egypt, I experienced firsthand how Ramadan, a Muslim holiday, literally begins only when the spiritual leader actually SEES the new moon. There is no doubt that those who are interested in energy, consciousness and group spirituality/religion believe and perceive that the moon and the phases of the moon are directly connected to our energy and experience as humans and spiritual beings.

So what's the difference in energy between the new moon and full moon, and how might we learn to work with these cycles in our own lives?

As a woman, I have come to understand that I am a part of nature and like the moon, I have cycles. Obviously, our biology of creation and menstruation, which happens each month (until it doesn't) parallels this moon process, but I am speaking of a much more expansive and metaphysical cycle.

The more I tune into the cycles of nature and the moon, the more I become aware of my own creative and spiritual cycles. I was first awakened to this through a friend and cosmic astrologer, Stephanie Azaria. She has a website called The Cosmic Path.

I learned from her that the new moon is a time to plant seeds and be creative, while the full moon is often a fulfilling and releasing time.

So, on a new moon, if you are a gardener, you can literally plant seeds in the soil. But also metaphorically, you can consciously choose to plant seeds in your mind and in your life.

For instance, I am writing this article today on March 1 - a new moon - with the intention of becoming more of a (published) writer and sharing my passions with more people throughout Cape Cod (& the world).

In this new moon energy (which lasts for two weeks) it's a good time to begin a new project, write a new prayer or commit to a new practice/habit.

Vision boarding is one grounded practical way to apply this idea. Another way is journaling and writing affirmative statements about what you want to create over the next month. For example, "I am living with joy and passion and helping others do the same" or "I am allowing myself to become more physically fit" or "I trust the Universe is providing all I need with ease and grace".

These statements can be powerful, so be clear and careful about what you wish for and what might be motivating the wish.

As a singer, I will often speak out loud or sing these affirmations to give them more power (usually for three days following the new moon). If our thoughts create our reality (which I believe they do), when we speak or sing our thoughts/ideas, they vibrate even wider, creating more of what we intend.

I don't do this every month, but when I do, it always creates something truly powerful. Now, if this is so powerful, you may ask, why doesn't she do it every month? Well, like the moon, I have cycles and like the ocean, my energy and focus ebbs and flows. So always remember to enjoy the journey and be gentle with yourself.

The new moon schedule for the next few months is April 29, May 28, June 27. I recommend practicing for three months in a row and see how it works for you. Plant those dreams, plant those bulbs, plant whatever inspires your passion!

Remember, it's not about being perfect or "doing it right", it's about playing and practicing and allowing yourself to "tune in" to the moon and your own creative cycles.

May the seeds you plant with conscious awareness grow with joy, abundance, grace and passion!


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Alicia Mathewson is a singer, songwriter, healer, teacher & writer.

After 12 years in NYC and 1 ½ years in the Middle East, she is now based back home on Cape Cod, and willing to serve wherever her breath may lead.

Inspired by singing 40 chants in 40 days as a part of her 40 and Fabulous! fundraising campaign (July 15-24, 2011), her most recent CD, 2012:Isn't it Amazing: Songs & Chants for the New Vibration, was released on March 22, 2012. Her pure voice and inspiring songwriting creates a powerfully healing vibration and is an impressive and more expansive follow-up to her 2009 release Winds of Sinai.

An accomplished guitarist, yogi, and music educator, Alicia founded Sounding Still Wellness in 2011, providing music lessons, energy healing, meditation classes, and transformative coaching.

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