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The Birth of a Book

by Christina Laurie

Writing a book is the easy part. That is, after you tweak the characters, revise and edit and revise and cut and rewrite and revise.

It all began when I wrote a board book about ocean creatures. In 2002 I called my writer-sister Becky in Salt Lake City, and she was completing a state book on Utah, "A is for Arches," for Sleeping Bear Press. My thoughts turned to my board book and I saw alphabet.

I wrote to Sleeping Bear Press. "I realize you are nearly done with the state book series, but you forgot one state - Cape Cod." They didn't agree and quickly replied, "We're done with the states and are on to a new series."

I had started the book. So I continued. I began by listing as many Cape Cod things as I could for each letter. After writing poems for many, I chose the best and researched each subject. I sent the book to numerous publishers. No bites. So the book went the way of many – in my "another day" drawer - and I went on to work on other writings.

In the fall of 2011, I received the Islandport Press catalog and saw their new publication, "A is for Acadia." I pulled out my manuscript and sent it off, including the letters Q, W, X, V, U and Y, all difficult letters to feature: Quahoags, whales, xylophone, Vikings, U.S. Coast Guard, and Yacht and Yawl.

The children's editor liked it and pitched my text to the editorial board. Within a month, they accepted the book. However, that was just the beginning



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The Write Way: Taking your Manuscript to the Next Level

Navigating the Dreaded Synopsis

by Katie O'Sullivan

Ah, the lazy days of summer are upon us. Time for kicking back and reading a favorite beach book or poolside novel. In this column, however, we've been talking about writing your own book.

You've had a brilliant idea for a novel, and diligently carved time each day to write. You found a Writing Group or a Critique Partner you like. You reached the end of the story and actually typed "The End" on your manuscript.

You've gotten feedback from your CP and polished your words until they sparkle on the page, finishing at least a second (or maybe a third) complete draft.

Now what? ...

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Summer Poetry

We love to receive readers' poems! In this issue we feature the poetry of Kathy Butterworth, an active member of the Moors Poetry Collective.

In The Red Cedar Savanna

My Child is Sick

My Grandmother Teaches Me to Make Raisin Rolls

Moors Poetry Collective …

Tanka - (5-7-5-7-7)

Beach Visit

by Phyllis M. Washburn

A summer beach day,
Heat shimmers off the pavement.
A boardwalk stretches
Over velvety marsh grass,
Leads to a golden sand dune.

Phyllis M. Washburn is the
author of Good Morning Sam

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