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Joan Graham

A former New Yorker, Joan Graham is a 35-year Brewster resident and a widowed mother of two. She enjoys wearing as many hats as possible, from writer to Realtor to bereavement counselor. Previously, she was the community relations manager for a large bookstore, a copywriter for New York publishing houses, and an antiques dealer. She thinks the only good things about winter are Christmas and making soup.

In this issue, Joan talks about the Perils and Possibilities: Entering a Playwriting Competition

I went to Toronto in May and asked a New York friend if I could stay with her one night on the way up and one night on the way back. She agreed and said that, coincidentally, when I returned she would have a houseguest from Toronto, a transgender woman who had "breasts she loved but still had balls." Would I be okay sharing the living room, which had a couch and a daybed? Yes.