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Mary Stack

Mary Stack is a dual national. Born in London, her background is in producing network documentaries for British TV and writing for The Guardian newspaper, Elle and Newsweek.

Mary has worked in a variety of places from Heidelberg to Havana but has resided on the South Shore for nearly 24 years. She currently co-owns and works for Write Right Now, an SAT tutoring business.

Currently writing a memoir and dreaming of anchoring her own women's radio show, Mary would love to secure a bolt-hole in Europe, meet the ideal companion and solve global warming – but who doesn't?

Her kids are grown and successfully launched, currently leading vital, productive lives in NYC; maybe this is her biggest achievement. Oh - she still loves poetry and holds gatherings as often as possible.

In this issue, Mary talks about Requiem for a House

How is it that we assign qualities or character to an empty space? But we do. Safe, solid, spacious and sacred - these are the words that I would use to describe my old house.