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Thank you to everyone who came to our July 5th 'Journey Through The Artist's Way' Opening Reception
at the Guyer Barn - we had a full house!! We appreciate you sharing your photographs with us!

"It is an honor to be sharing my creations with the work of these women. Many of them have talent that far exceeds mine, but seeing all of them together in a real show makes me feel a really great sense of pride. Thank you to Nickey and Karen for putting our things together into an exhibit. The 12 week process of the Artist's Way is powerful. This exhibit is just a small, but yummy, taste of its transformation powers." Debbie Hagen

Great Exhibit ~ Great Event ~ Great Pics! :-) ♥ Pj Fay
"Enjoyed the evening, friendships and talent." Deborah McNaughton
"I have never seen the Guyer Barn looking so good. The show was awesome and definitely not your
typical Cape Cod painting show. What creativity has come from the women." Suzanne Packer
"What a joy to have been a part of this creative group of women!" Diane McDonough
"Fun night with some talented writers and artists in tow!" Mimi Maigh