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Past Cape Women in the Community Events

Take a look at the Cape Women in the Community FUN events that have honored our culture, our history and our friendships.

Cape Women Celebrated Lammas with Us!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on August 1st for this fabulous feast of locally grown food, sacred
Lammas ceremony and an evening of networking with Cape Women.
Celebrating the First Harvest/Lammas with food from local Farmer's Market and our very own gardens!

FANTASTIC Lammas event last night!!!!! As always, the night was filled with creative women, fabulous food and magical definitely left me feeling much lighter! Thank you Nickey, Nancy and Gillian for all you do to make this happen. Can't wait until the Fall Equinox event! See you then =) Johanne

In addition to the food and friendships, we were treated to a wonderful presentation by Laura Kelley, owner of Littlefield Landscapes, on the role honey bees in our fragile environment. She took us on a brief tour of her bee hives (next door) and offered us suggestions on what we can do to support Cape Cod's bees, including ways to 'beescape' our own yards. One key hint: "Let it FLOWER!" No matter what plants you have in your yard, let them run through their flowering cycle to ensure the bees can pollinate them. Yes, this does include clover…

We hope you enjoyed these photographs and look forward to seeing you at our Fall Equinox Event on September 22nd,
at Tracey Crowell's Masjah Studio, in East Harwich.