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Welcome to this important update from artist Nancy Nicol

After a rather busy summer of great change and growth I thought it might be fun to tell you what's been going on!

I downsized and simultaneously found myself upwardly mobile! Who would have thought it would be possible to head out in two directions at the same time?

I'd put my house on the market in July, sold it in August. Just like that. I said "good-bye" to Gallery 5 as well. A necessary loss. There are gains, too. A fifty years' history being under the thumb of monthly mortgage payments on various properties I've owned since I was twenty-one, stopped. "Free and clear" comes to mind. All debts paid in full, money in the bank.

The very next day, I bought a 1984 Astro double wide at Massasoit Hills for cash. My yard backs up to the Audubon Sanctuary and I can see woods, wild grass and lots of birds. I am presently converting my mobile home into the studio of my dreams.

My paintings will be shown locally at The Works Gallery, on Briar Lane, in Wellfleet, where I have my own space and will sit Sundays and Mondays.

Recently I had an opening there and sold six paintings, a good omen for a fresh and lucrative start. I've had time to enter juried shows off Cape. Three of my abstract cartography collages were included this summer in "Map-It", at the Riverside Art Center in Ypsilanti, MI.

I also have time to write again and get back to that novel I started three years ago. Roll, in which I have two memoir/short stories, is available through the publisher, Telling Our Stories Press.

"I must catch hold of time and devote myself only to my work." Sonia Delaunay wrote this after the death of her husband, the artist Robert Delaunay, in 1941. "…to work as much as possible in order to bring out what I have inside of me." Sonia continued to paint into her 90's. She died in 1979.

This is my plan, too. To do my work, every day, knowing time is everything.

To view more of my artwork please visit my website at