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I’m Making A List…

by Ally Piper

Like the popular Christmas song suggests, I’ll be spending a lot of time making lists over the next few weeks. But I won’t just be checking them twice, instead I’ll be checking them at least 52 times over the next year.

I use lists everyday in my life and business. Maintaining a weekly list of tasks and projects and creating a focused daily list of items I want to accomplish brings order to my otherwise unordered and chaotic life. As fellow list-makers know, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of crossing an item off a long list of to-dos.

I’m a pen and paper gal myself and find bliss from using a contrasting color for my cross-offs. On my desk I always have two pens – a black or blue one and a red one. The variation of color helps me to see what I’ve accomplished.

In addition to my day-to-day use of lists, I’ve found that using a list-based approach to planning for the year ahead jumpstarts my thinking and helps me move from inspiration to action. Brainstorming and planning are two of my favorite activities, but without a structure for moving forward it is easy to get stuck in the planning phase.

The New Year is a popular time for goal setting, but studies show that less than half of the people, 46% in fact, who set resolutions hold on to them past the six month mark. My aim is to help you keep moving forward because I’ve found nothing inspires action more than a list

‘Work’ Is Not a Dirty Word

by Nicola Burnell

In the Holiday 2012 issue of CapeWomenOnline magazine I asked readers to consider their answer to the question “Hi, what do you do?” If you don’t have an official ‘job’ title this query can turn your mind into a pretzel as you search for the ‘right’ answer.

No matter what you respond, you will probably get pigeon-holed one way or another by the person asking the question.

Perhaps what we should really be asking is, “When you get out of bed in the morning how do you feel? Are you excited to get to work or do you dread it?”

My eldest son asked me this question recently after talking to his professor about his own career options. He is painfully aware that his career choices could affect the quality of his life for decades to come. The pressure to succeed is overwhelming, but at least he is asking the right question.

I believe it’s never too late to adjust the course of a life. My own work has evolved over that last two years in ways that I never imagined. There was no magic wand, just a hard core butt-in-seat approach to moving forward in a clear direction.

I made a plan, set some serious goals and now I can tell my son that I am excited to get to work in the morning. As I said in my 2012 article, “My life is my work; my work is not my life. For this, I am truly grateful.”

When I was his age, however, this was NOT the case.

The Rebound of Reverse Mortgages

by Sherri Mahoney-Battles

Every once in a while I find myself having second thoughts about an opinion I’ve formed. Such is the case with reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages are making a rebound, and there are some good reasons for this.

In the past many Americans took advantage of reverse mortgages quickly drawing large amounts and later falling into financial trouble. More in-depth counseling features provide greater budgeting guidance and offer a detailed review of the various programs and rate options available.

Additionally, new rules require loan applicants to undergo detailed financial assessments. The goal is to reduce current default rates that are roughly double the level of regular mortgages.

The market has changed regarding reverse mortgages for several different reasons. People are becoming more educated about reverse mortgages and they are losing a lot of the stigma that had them previously labeled as “bad” loans geared towards taking advantage of elderly people.

Many older people are also finding themselves in a home that they aren’t ready to leave with a higher cost of living and a retirement income that just doesn’t meet their budgetary needs

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