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Be The Light

by Alicia Mathewson

Growing up on Cape Cod, lighthouses have always been significant. It wasn’t until after my mother passed, in 2007 that I began to understand how we, as human beings, can be lighthouses. My mother did it without thinking; it was her great gift. She would light herself up from inside and help guide others simply by being who she was.

As a child I was incredibly fortunate. Christmas was always joyful with good music, good food, presents and warm company for all to enjoy. My mother was most definitely the center of this energy - that and our faith that came from generations of Irish Catholic women.

I still have specific songs that, when I hear them at the holidays, I feel like my mom is right next to me. One of those is Joan Baez’s I Wonder as I Wander. What a gift that piece of music is to me and the connection it gives me to my memories as a child and of my mother.

As a songwriter, this is my hope for the music I create - that it, too, become a connective energy between souls in meaningful and uplifting ways.

Click here to listen to Alicia Mathewson’s song
Be The Light

When we lose someone, especially someone as centered as my mother was, the holidays can sometimes feel empty and painful. At the same time, the rituals and passions we shared can comfort us; the decorations, music, connection with others.

Even though it may feel painful, or like “someone is missing”, we can always connect into our heart knowing that sometimes, when we allow ourselves to truly feel loss, we can also experience deep joy and happiness.

Now, over 7 years since my mom left the planet, I am finally becoming my own lighthouse at the holidays, truly lighting myself from within in service of all who may need guidance or inspiration.

This process of creative awareness and of becoming is my greatest passion and this time of year, with all its natural darkness, is a magical time to truly BE THE LIGHT. I wrote this song as a message to myself and it’s my greatest happiness to share with you.

May your heart and holiday be lit up from inside this year and may you serve others simply by being.

Click Be The Light to listen to Alicia’s song.

Alicia Mathewson is a singer, songwriter, healer, teacher & writer.

After 12 years in NYC and 1 ½ years in the Middle East, she is now based back home on Cape Cod, and willing to serve wherever her breath may lead.

Inspired by singing 40 chants in 40 days as a part of her 40 and Fabulous! fundraising campaign (July 15-24, 2011), her most recent CD, 2012:Isn't it Amazing: Songs & Chants for the New Vibration, was released on March 22, 2012.

Her pure voice and inspiring songwriting creates a powerfully healing vibration and is an impressive and more expansive follow-up to her 2009 release Winds of Sinai.

An accomplished guitarist, yogi, and music educator, Alicia founded Sounding Still Wellness in 2011, providing music lessons, energy healing, meditation classes, and transformative coaching.

To learn more, please visit or