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The Magic of the Clam Flats

The Art of Collaboration: Anne Rosen illustrates a new children’s eBook

Wellfleet artist Anne Rosen has collaborated with storyteller Jim Wolf for the second time, and the two have come out with a brand newfangled eBook for children, The Magic of the Clam Flats.

What happens when a mother raises a good son? He gives back to the family! And that’s what happens in this Cape Cod tall tale which is set during the Great Depression. Eight-year-old Nate’s family is afraid the worst has happened when Dad’s fishing boat fails to return to the harbor after a big ocean storm. His mother puts all her trust in Nate, and sends him out onto the foggy Wellfleet flats to do something he has never done before: bring home enough clams to feed the whole family.

The Magic of the Clam Flats is wonderfully illustrated. Anne’s detailed attention to the creatures of the shoreline combined with a whimsical dash of personification enables her pictures not only to capture the printed story, but also tell stories on their own, especially about the curious and fun-loving nature of seagulls.

This tall tale of a young boy’s venture out into the big natural world contains many surprises, all spun around the central thread of caring and sharing.

Recommended for kids from six to one hundred and six, and anyone who loves Cape Cod. Anne’s 37 eye-popping illustrations tell the story for the non-readers.

The Magic of the Clam Flats is available for your holiday giving at for $5.99. Readable on iPad or iPhone with the free Kindle app.

Anne Rosen can be reached at

Illustration published courtesy of Anne Rosen

eBook available at