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Message from Spirit

A Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

May Peace be your Guide

Dearest beings of creation, you are a reflection of the love and light that emanates from peace in the Universe. Reach into the depths of your soul and rediscover your peaceful demeanor, for this is truly your natural state of being.

You only need to remember how to function from this place of peace and light in order to fully tap into the powerful notion of peaceful living. This is a simple procedure that is most often overlooked or forgotten during times of duress, chaos or mundane living, but none the less can create monumental changes in energy if used consciously and continuously.

This is a good time to begin, or to reinvigorate, your practice of peaceful living. It is done with an open heart, an open mind and a willingness to be free from reaction, expectations and overall stress. Peaceful living on a daily basis can be achieved by acknowledging your inner desire to live a virtuous life filled with goodness and happiness. It is a practice that needs attention every moment throughout your day and into sleep.

When you are faced with a situation that may cause you to react in a negative or fearful way, stop, take in a deep breath and allow your inner spirit to rise above this mounting emotion. Turn to peace within your heart and see things though the eyes of love and compassion. These conscious changes in your thinking and your emotional energy will instantly change the energy of the situation in front of you.

You can create a peaceful state of consciousness that will help any negativity dissolve and transform into light and love. This is the power of peaceful living. Let peace guide your actions, words and emotions. You will start to feel more serene and happy knowing everything on this earth is capable of holding the essence of peace.

Remember, peace starts within your own self, your inner workings of your spirit, and then resonates out into the world around you. If everyone turned to peaceful living, there would indeed be world peace. Allow peace to resonate and vibrate throughout your body, mind and spirit.

Make this your daily pledge to yourself and to this earth: Peace is possible at all times. This is a promise made from Infinite Spirit. Each of you carries the spark of light that can propel this energy of peace into the world. We, as a collective consciousness, can heal all parts of this world if we choose.

When we wish to be peaceful, our collective energy heals everything from the past, heals the present and sets the stage for healing the future. Creating a life of peaceful living will create universal change for the planet and for our collective consciousness; all we need to do is practice this way of life and love ourselves enough to share this gift of peace with each other.

May blessings be upon you throughout this season of reflection, gatherings and prayer as you find courage to practice peaceful living every moment in everyday of your precious life.

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