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In this issue of CapeWomenOnline we celebrate how the women of Cape Cod, in a determined effort to overcome the challenges of increased food prices and lowered incomes, have embraced the opportunities born from necessity.


Literary Women

  • Our Featured Writer is Kathryn Kleekamp, author of: "Cape Cod & The Islands: Where Beauty and History Meet". Illustrated with 50 Boardwalk Sunriseof Kathryn’s original oil paintings, dozens of rare historic photographs and traditional recipes, Kathryn’s book brings the rich history of Cape Cod to life.
  • National League of American Pen Women: A Place for Cape Women in the Arts
  • Loving Frank: Book Review, by Pat Bertschy
  • Cape Cod Writers’ Center hosts their 2009 Writer’s Conference
  • The Nubian Lady Told Me: Poem by Rosanne Shapiro

Holistic Health

Working Women

  • In Working My Way Back Home, Lynne Delaney shares why her commute to Boston makes her home on Cape Cod possible.
  • Serendipity: Not just a Happy Accident! Despite the recession, Tracy Trewhella has the audacity to open a Boutique Café in Marstons Mills Village.
  • Executive Director Arlene Kirsch details new programs at WE CAN.

Creative Women

  • Our featured artist is Sissi Sneve-Schultze: on Balancing Career & Family.
  • Discovering The SheArt Network: Katie O’Sullivan reports from their May Day Boutique.
  • Celebrating Nature’s Canvas: Cape Cod artists depict some of the Barnstable Land Trust’s most pristine land holdings, by Olivia H. Miller.

Life Stories

  • Pill Daze: Living with Alzhiemers, by Barbara Strakele.
  • In this issue, Jaquie Scarborough discusses how the death of a loved one reframed her perspective in Dying To Meet The Future.
  • In Standing Alone, Beverly Ryle reflects on her mother’s death and her father’s decision to disown her.

Community Action

Deval Patick with Nicola Burnell
  • Discover how the Cape Cod Time Bank is strengthening our Community through Reciprocity.
  • To a crowd of over 15,000 at Gillette Stadium, The Dalai Lama teaches that warm heartedness builds community.
  • CWO Publisher Nicola Burnell meets Governor Deval Patrick at a town meeting held at the Wequassett Inn.
  • How Does Time banking Work? This new national trend is based on Five Core Values that empower neighbors to help one another from tutoring to repairing a fence.