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A Sculpture’s Studio:
The Heart and Home
of Heather Blume

by Sheryll Hirschberger Reichwein

Heather Blume

As a young child, Heather Blume spent the days of her Cape Cod summers drawing in the sand. By the end of every day the tide would come and wash her masterpieces away.

“My mother was the artist in the family,” says Blume. “She owned all of the artist’s tools. It never occurred to me or anyone else that I should have them too. So I drew in what I had available. The sand.”

A thirteenth generation Cape Codder, Blume spent her early years exploring the same beaches her ancestors walked centuries before. And though she’s since lived in many other places and traveled much of the world, purchasing her Harwich home and studio five years ago was truly a return to her deepest roots—both personally and artistically.

Blume explains, “There were no TVs in my Cape Cod summers. The people I knew entertained each other with stories, full of pretending and imagination .I developed a love for narrative that is so much a part of who I am today.”

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Re-Creations Interior Design

by Lynda Spencer-Evans

Transforming Space in Place

Over the last thirty years, one of the most important things to me has been to create a home that reflects my soul. I believe each home has its own spirit. Combine that spirit with the souls that inhabit the space, and a beautiful masterpiece can be created.

Re-Creations Interior Design

When I say “masterpiece” I’m not referring to grandiosity and expensive furnishings. What’s in your home is a direct description of who you are. Your décor tells people about you.

Some people prefer quirky and playful environments, full of innovative ideas. Other prefer perfectly ordered and rational.

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Betsy Bennett:
A Cape Cod Treasure

A Retrospective of the Artist’s Work at the Cape Cod Museum of Art

Snow Lady

The Cape Cod Museum of Art, the regional art museum of Cape Cod, the Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts, will have a retrospective of the works of Betsy Bennet, known for her mastery of the egg tempera technique.

The exhibition, which will feature paintings done in egg tempera and watercolors, will run November 21 through January 17.

Betsy was born in 1928, just before the Great Depression. Her formal art training began at age thirteen at the Philadelphia Art Museum and the Wayne Pennsylvania Art Association.

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Metamorphosis, by Heather Blume
Metamorphosis, Heather Blume
Woodland Muse, Heather Blume
Woodland Muse, Heather Blume
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