Dear Cape Women Online,

Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate advertising in your publication. Not only have you done a great job with our ad, but the magazine is also a great resource for finding other businesses on the Cape!

Keep up the great work!

Doug & Tracy,

Thank you so much for emailing me your online publication. I am a mystery writer (unpublished) a member of the Cape Cod Writers Center and an aspiring business woman. Your publication keeps me in touch with what is going on with a place I love.

I once lived on Cape Cod for a magical year and otherwise have been a summer resident for 30 years, visiting for a week or two when I can.

Question: Do you still qualify as a Cape Cod Woman if you live on the island of Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket? I hope to return to the Cape & Islands one day soon. Thanks for you informative articles. Perhaps I can contribute; what are you looking for?

Diane Finney

Editor’s Reply: If you once lived on Cape Cod you are ALWAYS a Cape Cod Woman!! Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket count too - the whole concept of this magazine is to be inclusive, to reach out to Cape Women, wherever they are! So happy Cape Women Online can help you stay in touch with Cape life.

We are always looking for stories for our “Loving What Is” feature on our Life Stories page. If you have an idea for a feature article, I’d love to hear it! Email me at Katie@capewomenonline.

Great job on the Fall CWO! Thanks for including info on Harwich Early Childhood programs and services!

Francie Joseph

Congratulations on your fall's beautiful!

Annie Snow

What a wonderful job you did laying the article out! It was a pleasure working with you.

Kristen Magnacca

I am really enjoying reading Cape Women Online and the poetry is one of my favorites. Do you allow open submissions for poetry? If so, what are the guidelines?

Thank you,
Kathleen Baker

Editor’s Reply: So glad you like the magazine! We welcome poetry and stories from our readers and will respond to all submissions, although we can’t guarantee publication. Please send your work to Katie@capewomenonline.

Dear Katie,

What a wonderful article. I'm thrilled with it! You gave me a big boost today. You are a terrific writer and interviewer. You made the interview experience so pleasant and natural.

Thank you so much for helping HJT. Hope to see you soon.

Nina Schuessler

Hey Nickey-

I read the magazine cover to cover and I was so impressed. I really liked you memoir!

Xoxo Kat

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Readers responded to an article in Cape Women Online’s Fall issue about the Catholic Church ban on the healing art of Reiki. Read the full article here.

Dear Nicola,

As a Reiki Master, I am saddened by the pronouncements of the leaders within the Catholic church. Christ's message was that we love God and love one another. As a practitioner, Reiki gives me the finest opportunity I know to channel the love of the universe into healing the person before me.

I myself receive Reiki monthly and experience the healing of both my body and my soul. Thank you for writing such a sensitive article. We can all continue to practice Reiki on those who misunderstand it, channeling the love which makes the universe sing into all living things and beings.

Pam Russell

Dear Nicola,

Thank you for the informative article in Cape Women Online. I did not know about the "new" rules and am saddened to learn that the Roman Catholic Church has (once again) voiced an opinion against something as positive, peaceful, and healing as Reiki. How out of touch they must be with reality and how detached from the very people they claim to represent!

I just began classes in Reiki I, to be followed by Reiki II in November. I had the desire to take these classes for many years, but was never quite able to find time, energy, money, and teacher at the same time. This fall it is finally coming together. The Church's new ruling will not deter me and I will probably be strengthened by knowing it has been issued.

My desire to learn Reiki stems from many years of receiving it, from feeling its power to heal, and from feeling the strength in myself from each healing… When people connect by touch (that is wanted and shared), there is magic and healing. I cannot in any way feel that it can be evil or distant from God. I am sad that the Catholic Church says that it is.

Debbie Hagen