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Message from Spirit

A Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Surrender & Release: Set yourself free

Beautiful beings of the new dawn, you are being asked at a soul level to take in a deep breath and then exhale, knowing you are re-created with every moment.

At this time, the gates of surrender and release are opening wide. You are now given permission more than ever before to let go. Some of you have already felt this in your heart and have started this progression of shedding away all of those things in your mind or your life that are no longer in your best interest.

An integral part of this letting go is allowing yourself to grieve. Grieve for all of the parts of yourself and your life that you need to completely release from your body, mind and spirit. These things may be old thoughts, beliefs, what ifs and should haves. They may also include strong negative attachments to people or situations in your life, past or present.

Let it all out into the Universal Spirit of Love and Compassion. This process may feel excruciating at times, but with spiritual support you will move through this important procedure. Do it with emotional thrust and passion. Cry, scream and mope if you need to.

How do you know when you have effectively released what you needed to? You will have no negative emotional reaction to any hurtful memory, seemingly poor decisions, people whose energy used to create tension within you, old regrets or anything else that you may have been actively releasing.

Once you are free from all of those things that have held you back or that may have created discomfort in your soul, you can move forward with the energy of incomprehensible strength, love, healing, creativity and awe.

Allow yourself time to reflect and really feel your soul deeply, gaining a better sense of who you really are. Surrender does not mean giving up power but rather releasing the need to try and control the self, situations or other people. Surrender, accompanied by trust and faith in your inner resources and the support of the Universe, leads to true power – which is harmony and balance inside and out.

Follow the gentle tugs of your intuition that guide you towards new activities, experiences and interactions. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination roam freely. Observe where it takes you without judgment or fear, for it just might be leading you to wondrous new and inspiring landscapes.

Take advantage of this energy of surrender and release. It is time to move your soul into a breakthrough of evolution and enlightenment. Universal Spirit is always there to guide you. You are never alone and you are loved.

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Lynne Delaney is a Conscious Living Advisor & Reiki Master. Her Reiki treatments combine intuitive energy work and crystals.

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