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Investing in Yourself

Investing in Yourself

by Gwynne Wiatrowski Guzzeau

As summer dwindles into fall, I want to plant a seed. Whether you’re self-employed, unemployed, or work for someone else, it’s time to start thinking about investing. Not dollars, stocks or bonds. I’m talking about you. In the next six months, what are you doing to invest in yourself?

And why do I ask? Three years ago, I left the employ of a local law firm with plans to start my own practice. On Tuesday, I’m meeting with a cash flow management consultant to help me plan as I review the Quickbooks reports that show an increase of 200% in gross income over last year. Obviously, something I’m doing is working. My success and I believe yours – everyone’s – is only as good as the support you have and the supports you put into place to advance your goals.

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Business & Professional Women's Foundation

What is the BPW & How Can it Help You?

by Katie O’Sullivan

The Business & Professional Women’s Foundation was originally founded in 1919. Although the organization has transformed over time, the legacy and vision remain intact.

The non-profit, non-partisan organization works to create successful workplaces by focusing on issues that impact women, families and employers.

Successful workplaces embrace and practice diversity, equity and work life balance.

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Sandwiches: Food for Thought

by Tracy Trewhella

Food. We think about it. Talk about it. Plan our days and hours around it.

Meals make or break a holiday celebration, a birthday, or a date. We eat to feel good, and we eat because we feel bad. We eat things we shouldn’t; we eat healthy; we fast and we splurge.

We plan where to eat, what to eat and who to eat with. We read about food, we wat-ch TV shows about food, we think about food, we make it, and we buy it. We bring food to a friend who’s sick, or a family stricken by a death.

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