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How You Can Live Your Dreams While Folding The Laundry!

by Kristen Magnacca

Kristen  Magnacca

I walked into the laundry room and stumbled over the piles that seemed to have multiplied overnight… “How does this happen?” I asked out loud. I felt victimized by the laundry. The two large darks and two white piles melted together and created one large mound of dirty laundry. My “laundry area” seemed to have become the barometer of how much I was in balance, mind, body and soul!

An orderly laundry area showed a full time working mother in a Zen state of alignment. House clean, children fed, meditation and prayerful time completed and a happy husband, work tasks completed or in a state of completion, friends connected with and a bit of fun too.

When the system is in a highly functioning state; life is good.

Then, as quickly as the state of homeostasis was achieved, it seemed to be able to fall rapidly into total chaos!

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Catholic Bishops Condemn the Healing Art of Reiki as “Superstition” & “Dangerous”

by Nicola Burnell

I first heard about the new ‘Guidelines for Evaluating Reiki as an Alternative Therapy’ from a very disappointed Ursuline nun who had been working with Reiki energy as a tool for healing for many years. It was one of those comments casually made in the middle of conversation, but the moment her words settled into my soul I felt outraged.

I wanted to know exactly what these new guidelines said and what had motivated this change in the Catholic Church’s position. Pope John Paul II had, after all, given an Apostolical Blessing to the Grandmaster of Reiki, Sister Mariusza Jadwiga Bugaj, also a Catholic nun, in recognition of her healing work with Reiki.

I soon discovered that these guidelines, which denounce Reiki as “superstition” and “dangerous” to the spiritual well-being of Catholics, had been announced on March 25, 2009, by the Committee on Doctrine at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. In essence, the Doctrine claims that Reiki has no validation as a tool for healing in the scientific and medical fields.

Moreover, these guidelines dictate that it is now inappropriate for any Catholic to practice Reiki: “For a Catholic to believe in Reiki therapy presents insoluble problems. In terms of caring for one’s physical health or the physical health of others, to employ a technique that has no scientific support (or even plausibility) is generally not prudent.”

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Lynne Delaney

A Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Surrender & Release: Set yourself free

Beautiful beings of the new dawn, you are being asked at a soul level to take a deep breath and then exhale, knowing you are re-created with every moment.

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Kathy O’Keefe Kanavos

Cancer Q&A

with Kathy O’Keefe Kanavos

Kathy responds to your
concerns about Cancer

CWO for the Cause

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