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I love the new look publication. The design is clean, clear and easy to navigate. The inclusion of the community pages adds an extra dimension to the purpose of the magazine. Being in the UK I'm not a local reader but never the less, it is inspiring to connect with women in the US.

Well done CWO. I look forward to your next issue.

Business Coach,
Surrey, UK

I just wanted to tell you how lovely your article about my book is. I've had considerable press, but the way you chose to represent it outshines the others by far.

Your webmaster/editorial work is stunning. You have captured the essence of all that I would like the book to represent.

Please accept my sincere thanks for everyone's efforts.

Kathy Kleekamp

Read much of your latest issue online - great magazine and provocative pieces! I especially enjoyed the piece about the woman who was disinherited by her father after the death of her mother. I have sent it on to several people.

Well done!


Dear Cape Women,

I just have to say how I love the new format. It is easy to navigate, visually more contemporary and, as always, the articles are diverse and interesting. Well done for all your hard work.

Thank you. Cathy

I just received the latest issue of CapeWomenOnline - it's awesome!!! Thank you so much for including my poem and kudos on the SheArt article.

I love the breadth of topics and issues covered in CWO. I hope you and your staff continue to find a way to bring this exceptional publication to readers throughout the Cape - and beyond!

Blessings, Rosanne

I am blown away by the magazine - what a FABULOUS job! Please let me know about upcoming classes for 'The Artist's Way' when (and if) you have time.

Your fan - Liza xxx

I’m reading another column with my tea every afternoon, as good as a biscuit and fewer calories.



You are quite amazing to have put together such a wonderful collection of writings and articles into an internet format. I have to get used to internet format. I am so used to having magazines sitting by the side of my bed so I am tempted to print everything out.

I am amazed at what is possible with this tool and you have certainly made the advance into such a green effort to make all that printing unnecessary, so I just have to get with the program.

Love, Gail

CWO is absolutely wonderful! You did a fantastic job putting it all together and I'm certain that it will be well received and will help to spread the word. I'm forwarding the link to my whole address book!

Smiles Amy :)

Congratulations! Cape Women Online looks wonderful! I love the new format and I'll spread the word to others. I look forward to reading your future issues.


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