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Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Message for the New Year

Infinite Spirit sends heartfelt and joyous salutations, dear souls of the New Dawn. Awaken with new insight and energy so you may move forward on the best possible life path you can take. Some of you may be experiencing a tumultuous and slow transition into 2010. Know that this is to be expected as things shift into the new energies of omnipresent consciousness and heightened awareness.

During this transition allow yourself space and time, if necessary, to move slowly and reverently into this New Year as it comes upon us powerfully. Although it can feel overwhelming and disorienting, this kind of power and energy is very conducive to helping you renew your life and soul commitments to yourself while stepping into your inner strengths and passions.

At the same time, this energy is helping you to uncover all of the hidden details of your life’s purpose, the mysteries of your soul’s journeys, unresolved fears, and unseen talents, all things of which need to be acted upon for the betterment of you and human kind.

Be committed to healing all parts of you and attaining your goals and ideals. It is time to change those things that you have wanted to change for too long now. It is also a time of searching for something greater and more meaningful to your inner spirit. See yourself the way you wish to be in the eyes of Infinite Spirit and in the world. We are constantly changing and evolving into new beings every moment, so embrace change because it brings with it growth.

A creative and powerful way to establish your new changes, new beginnings and new commitments to yourself and others is to create a sacred ceremony similar to a wedding ceremony. This can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it. You may choose to decorate your sacred space and wear a special outfit or jewelry. You can light candles; play relaxing and uplifting music while you recite your vows and promises to yourself, Infinite Spirit and the world. You can use these examples of vows and promises and or add to them your own words and commitments.

Infinite Spirit, please help me to freely accept the gifts of myself and to share them openly and lovingly with the world. I vow to be honest with myself and others. I vow to accept who I am and who others choose to be, always. I vow to be loving and kind to myself and others.

I seek to uncover and heal all past hurts and any un-forgiveness I may harbor in my soul. I promise to love and cherish my whole being. I align myself with Infinite spirit, knowing that all things move into place when I am standing in this abundant light and love. I am grateful for all of my blessings and for the love that I receive from the people around me and from Infinite Spirit. With all of the unlimited power and love in the universe, with a humble heart I declare myself perfect, whole and complete within the love of Infinite Spirit.

May love and peace guide you safely into and though this New Year, this new start and this gift of creation we call life.

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