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Living Whole: The Most Desired Gift

by Maggie French

The seasonal escapades are about to begin. We will create list upon list of things to be done to celebrate, enjoy, get through, and endure the next six weeks. Our lists will no doubt include the well-known “Gift List.”

“Come they told rum pum pum pum”

When and where did all this giving of gifts begin?

Is it from the story of the first Christmas with the gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh? Or is it, dare I say, after a Celtic pagan relating to the winter solstice, when gifts were exchanged between clans and chieftains as a means of renewing ties and friendship?

What are the origins of this activity that now seem so onerous?

We’ve heard of St. Nicholas, a Christian Bishop, known for his generosity to children. Then there is the theory that it’s a conscript of the mid-December Roman feast, Saturnaua, taken up by the Church to entice the population toward Christianity.

However the activity of Christmas gift-giving began, where has the joy of giving and the appreciation of receiving gone? What happened to giving something meant to be enjoyed in the giving, and appreciated in the receiving?

“Our finest gifts we bring…pa rum pum pum pum”

What is it about the tangible gift and its finery that became the objective for the act of gift giving? The search, the quest, making us feel small and insignificant, nothing purchased ever being quite “good enough.”

“I’m a poor boy too…pa rum pum pum pum”

There is one perfect gift that we seldom believe truly is “good enough.” It is the one gift so many people we care about truly desire from us.

“I have no gift to bring…pa rum pum pum pum”

During yet another season of much togetherness, much doing, so much MUCH, we become distant from ourselves and what truly matters – the sharing of our Self with others.

“Shall I play for you?…pa rum pum pum pum”

The one most desired gift, wanted now and any time of the year, by those who really matter to us, is simply US. Our gift is to be with our loved ones in the present; to share joyfully our food, share openly our conversation, share freely our moments.

“Then he smiled at me…pa rum pum pum pum”

The Little Drummer Boy is a holiday favorite of someone I cherish, long passed, who taught me that the gift of Self is our most desired gift, and one we mistakenly think too small and insignificant to offer up.

“Me and my drum…pa rum pum pum pum”

Think again…Happy Holidays.

Enjoy, Maggie

Photographs published courtesy of Maggie French

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