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Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Start with your Heart

Dear magnificent ones of the new dawn. You are being called to celebrate every gift in your life right now. When you are grateful for all you have, doors will open to inward abundance and complete healing of your body mind and spirit.

Start the process of celebrating all of life’s gifts with you, within your inner spirit. Take time to really feel, see and know all of the gifts you hold in your heart. These gifts may include your ability to love yourself, to fully connect with your inner spirit and with Infinite Spirit. They may also include the gifts of your mind, your intellect and how you use them. Your gifts may also include your physical body, your ability to walk, run, swim, dance see, feel, taste, create and just experience the physical world. Start with you, with your inner spirit, a personal and important component of gratitude.

When you have thoroughly given thanks for all of your personal gifts, move out of your inner spirit and connect to the world around you. Count the gifts of your entire life. What this planet gives to you every day. What infinite Spirit gives to your soul, every day. What the people around you give to you every day and so on.

Start with what you know, what you can see, feel, hear, smell, taste. Then expand your senses to the extra sensory. There is so much more to be grateful for that you cannot even see nor comprehend. The forward motion on the road of gratitude brings you more to be grateful about. It is all here for you now. Everything you need. Look at your life in a new way through the lens of gratitude. Continue to count your blessings and gifts every day and give thanks. Make this a part of your daily ritual.

You will know gratitude as a smile, a flutter of your heart, a joyful feeling and an expanded awareness of everyone and everything around you. These acknowledgments of gratitude will lead you to more wonderful experiences and opportunities. We are all in this celebration of gratitude together. We are local beings on this planet where all parts of reality come together to make our tiny home in this curve of the Milky Way. We can stay true to ourselves when we have gratitude for all of the gifts in this world.

As a fun and informative adjunct to all of my other forms of metaphysical work, I also use an aura imaging system to help clients see what their energy looks like. This includes their aura and the health of their chakras. Sometimes clients will have an aura/chakra scan before a healing session or a reading to see how their energy is doing, then have another one done afterwards to see the effects. Many times, there is a significant change in their aura and chakras.

Once in a while, a loved one will show up in the aura as a separate area of light. This is a very nice surprise. It is a wonderful tool to help one see how working with healing energy and positive mindsets can actually make positive changes in their own energy field.

Some people just like to have an aura/charka check in every few months to see if they are improving their overall aura health and chakra balancing. The energy is measured through a hand plate that sends data back to a computer system. The research on this particular field has been going on for over 30 years now and the technology has gotten better and better.

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How healthy are your chakras?

Lynne Delany's aura photo.

Lynne Delaney is now offering aura photography and chakra scans with the Aura Imaging System.

This exciting system examines your energy field and creates a report of the overall health of your chakras.

Our auras are energy fields that are connected to and extend from our human body. These energy fields are coronas of light and color that some people can see and feel, while others can only view them through aura imaging technology.

To make an appointment, phone (508) 241-3048 or email

Workshops with Lynne Delaney

*Metaphysical Development Circle
*Holding Hands with Spirit
*Reiki and Spiritual Healing Circle *Transfiguration

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Lynne Delaney

Lynne Delaney is a Conscious Living Advisor & Reiki Master. Her Reiki treatments combine intuitive energy work and crystals.

She offers private sessions in spiritual guidance, intuitive tarot, and hypnotherapy. Group sessions include table-tipping and transfiguration. With a background in science and spiritual studies, Lynne is able to better understand how both disciplines contribute to healing and well-being.

To make an appointment, contact Lynne at (508) 241-3048 or email

Lynne is also the editor of her husband's new novel Pieces of Eight.