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Former Teachers Embark On Cutting Edge Business Opportunity

by Diane LeDuc and Stephanie Boosahda

When Stephanie Boosahda and Diane LeDuc first met at a book club meeting, seven years ago, neither would have guessed how their relationship would morph and evolve.

The fall of the economy of 2008 left us both jobless. We'd commiserate after book club, "Being poor bites" was our common mantra. The other book club women were going to theaters and restaurants; we were a couple of Cinderellas.

Stephanie and Diane

Our fairy godmother arrived last fall in the form of a business opportunity. Mind you, by then, we both had new jobs, but neither of us was making the kind of salary we'd been enjoying as teachers before the Wall Street debacle. And then, along came Viridian.

Viridian is an electric supply company like no other. Its tag line is "Power with Purpose" and their mission is "greener electricity at an affordable price." Viridian offers customers a way to clean the environment without lifting a finger, and it offers people a chance to successfully create a business of their own.

No prior experience needed! New associates are provided with a wealth of materials, educational seminars, and a support system; the training and guidance opportunities are varied and plentiful.

The Viridian business model is a traditional direct sales model – similar to Avon, Tupperware, Lia Sophia and others in the multi-level network marketplace - yet the Viridian business opportunity is also very different. Having the opportunity to "sell" a commodity like electricity is cutting edge. Deregulation rocks!

As Viridian associates, we're part of an educating business, not a selling business; no money is exchanged, and no products need to be ordered or carried around. Yes, the Viridian business is very different, as many experts agree, including billionaire Warren Buffet, "Energy deregulation will be the largest transfer of wealth in history."

Diane jumped on the Viridian train first. "Being an Independent Associate for Viridian has Me written all over it," she told Stephanie. "If I can't save the world one student at a time, the next best thing is to save the world one meter at a time," and in September of 2012, Diane began her new business adventure with Viridian.

Stephanie recognized the beauty of the business right away and, at first, signed on as one of Diane's customers. Starting as a customer was perfect for Stephanie.

When she asked Diane, "What would be a reason to not become a Viridian customer?" and neither of them could come up with a good reason, Stephanie changed her electric supplier to Viridian.

Shortly after, Stephanie realized how the business set-up is ideal. In addition to benefiting as a Viridian customer, saving money over time and helping to green the environment for her children and grandchildren, as an associate she can also make money sharing this opportunity with her family and friends. So she became an associate on Diane's team.

The cost of becoming a Viridian Associate has been slashed to $99.00 for the month of June only.

We get to work together, but ultimately, each of us is responsible for her own success; there's no risk of the "partnership" going bad, which statistically happens with traditional business partnerships 60% of the time.

Working as a team has advantages in thinking up new and creative ways to spread the Viridian message and keeping each other inspired. Just brainstorming ideas together is fun and energizing. It's like we're two little kids on a big adventure and we get to use our own ideas and plans with Viridian supplying our marketing tools.

The company allows its associates a lot of leeway within a strictly enforced compliance policy. One of us almost got "in trouble" last month. It's one of those things that keep life interesting. We look back and laugh about it now.

Getting to know each other better has been a hoot. Some of the things we have in common are uncanny. We both have several sisters and our parents died right around the same time. We frequently get off topic when we're "working" but that's another perk of selling Viridian. Our time is our own – no nine-to-five daily grind.

We attend scheduled meetings when we can fit them in between our families and other jobs. It's great meeting other "Generation V" people. Everyone is so pleasant, and helpful, and pumped. We get to "sell" green electricity. The market is huge. (Know anyone who doesn't use electricity?) Green is hot! We never have to do inventory. We're cleaning the planet - without work gloves.

We'd be lying if we said this adventure hasn't had a pitfall or two. We joke about publishing a new pamphlet for Viridian entitled "Common Rookie Mistakes."

For example, Stephanie probably holds the record for reaching out to the most people who live in a municipality that has unanimously already selected their electric supplier. We even have fun designing chapter titles for the book – yet another joke - as our "pamphlet" has now grown into a "book."

Seriously, embarking on a brand new career and educating others about green electricity makes us feel like our ship has come in. It's something both these wash-a-shores were looking for to anchor our professional future.

Through Viridian, our business is not trial and error. Viridian provides plenty of training, mentors, and mentoring opportunities; the opportunity to have your own business without the usual associated risks.

The company also offers fundraising opportunities for non-profits, schools, and religious organizations. We're using our teaching skills, learning new things, honing our talents, meeting new people, and having lots of inspiring laughs along the way.

For more information about becoming a Viridian customer aka saving money and helping the environment, or starting a career as a Viridian associate, contact Diane at or Stephanie at

All images courtesy of Diane LeDuc and Stephanie Boosahda

Diane LeDuc

Diane LeDuc has lived on Cape Cod for nearly three decades. In addition to being an Associate for Viridian Energy, a substitute teacher with a Masters Degree in Special Education, the Treasurer for the Rockne Association, Inc., the Secretary for the Cape & Islands Group of the Sierra Club, wife of Greg LeDuc for 25 years, and an avid wave rider, she's a close and personal friend of Mother Nature.

Stephanie Boosahda

Stephanie Boosahda, in addition to being a Viridian Associate, the Data and Technology Coordinator for WE CAN, and editor of Inklings from Cape Cod, is an award-winning teacher, homecare nurse, enthusiastic cyclist on the United Way/WE CAN Last Gasp Team, a single mother of three, and grandmother of five.

She was first published at age fifteen in the Worcester Telegram, then began working there, and has been writing for publications ever since.

A fellow of the National Writing Project and an active member of the National League of American Pen Women, Cape Cod Branch, Stephanie resides in the mid-Cape.

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