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From Talking To Walking -
Putting Your One Big Goal into Action

by Nicola Burnell

If you're tired of spinning your wheels and circling the same old worn out issues, you're not alone. We all experience periods of feeling overwhelmed and losing focus on where we'd like to be in life.

In January 2012 I was feeling so stuck that I struggled to get off the couch. I was working like a crazy woman, juggling multiple roles as publisher, writing coach, events facilitator and business consultant, while also raising two teenage sons.

I couldn't think beyond the next few hours in front of me and my future felt like the black whirling wall of a tornado.

Imagine my surprise when my sister, Sue, who has been teaching leadership coaching for over a decade, suggested that I was in the perfect place to embark on a journey that would change my life. I was barely able to change a light bulb!

Writing, Creativity & Personal Growth Classes

Feeling stuck in the mud?

Nicola Burnell is now teaching a series of programs designed to get you unstuck and on the path to a more creative, colorful life.

Read full descriptions of Nicola's CWO Classes HERE

The Rebuilding of an Entrepreneurial Nation: How to Launch a Successful Business – Nuts and Bolts

by Sherri Mahoney-Battles

Sherri Mahoney-Battles

The success of your business is dependent on the foundation it's built upon, and a business owner that takes the time to lay down a strong foundation will avoid future pitfalls.

Surely, the baby steps involved in opening a new business are so exciting, the grand opening, the first sale, the new sign, the first signed contract, all of these things are great to behold.

No doubt some of the other more tedious tasks are a little less awe-inspiring. They are, nonetheless, an intrinsic part of starting a new business, and a business whose owner neglects those tasks will be hindered from the get go.

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Bev Ryle

Searching For Work? Keep Paddling!

by Beverly Ryle

My husband and I own a canoe, but for years the only action we took regarding canoeing was to talk about how we ought to take it out on one of the marshes or kettle ponds before the summer ended.

We'd gotten rid of the car with the roof racks and it always seemed like too much trouble to have to figure out a new way to strap the canoe on top of the new car, so there it sat, season after season, on sawhorses beside the garage.

This year, however, as the tourists began to arrive, I found myself looking at their kayaks with envy, so I told my husband it was time we went canoeing again.

An Invitation to Break Out of the Pack and Try Something Different

Available at
Ground of Your Own Choosing

Drive Your Own Success!

From Talking To Walking -
Putting Your One Big Goal into Action

This NEW 12-week coaching program, led by Nicola Burnell, can help you to achieve your 'One Big Goal' by breaking it down into safe and manageable steps that lead you into change that sticks.

This program incorporates techniques that include Action Learning, creating a Thinking Environment, and how to overcome the Immunity to Change, in addition to Nicola's own personalized coaching systems.

"Nicola provided us with helpful tools and clearly delineated methods to move each of us powerfully forward. This process of "action-learning" will guide my artistic output for years to come."

"This program helped me to clear the cobwebs from my assumptions (misconceptions), and helped me to grab onto my creative urgings and go with them."

"This journey of twelve weeks uncovered a new idea and direction for me to pursue. The support of the group and Nicola's positive affirmation helped me to find a way to make it each day and to work around the life restrictions I face daily."

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