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Digging for Poems: The New Cape Cod Poetry Review

by Kim Baker

So you have been wondering why, with all the talented poets on Cape Cod, the Cape does not have its own poetry journal? Well, wonder no more, dear poets and poetry lovers.

Welcome to Cape Cod Poetry Review!

Writers John Bonanni and Gemma Leghorn are honored and awed to be in a community of talented Cape Cod writers. But John and Gemma saw a void in a journal reflecting and representing those creative word artists.

So after meeting at the Fine Art Works Center in the summer of 2010, they felt "very connected, both in literary taste and in friendship," says John. And they set out "to publish the best in contemporary literature while fostering community and arts education on Cape Cod."

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The Write Way: The Business of Blatant Self Promotion

by Katie O'Sullivan

There comes a time in every author's life when the business of writing becomes less about writing and more about… well, business.

I reached that point this spring. Preparing for the release of SON OF A MERMAID (now available in paperback and ebook!) took almost as much effort as getting to "The End" in the manuscript. In some ways, promotion is harder than writing.

Authors like to dream that once their book is released, word of mouth will have it flying out of bookstores. But how do you get those first few mouths to talk about your book?



"Back in school, they taught us to put two spaces between sentences. Now my editor is telling me that's wrong. Who's right?"

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The Healing Power of Writing

by Nicola Burnell

In 1997 I launched The Healing Power of Writing. This class changed not just my students' lives, but mine too. WRITING HEALS. As a teacher, I've witnessed the undeniable healing capacity of simply pouring one's thoughts onto the page to produce poetry, memoir and fiction.

Research has shown that writing is a powerful tool to help people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder process repressed memories and uncover triggers that can lead to dangerous flashbacks. Writing gives our stories a safe place to exist, outside of us.

Writing my story saved my life. Seriously, I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the opportunity to get my story out of my head. Paul

Writing can help our brain access information that remains buried beneath a lifetime of anxiety and pain. It lifts the lid on the box we hide in the deepest corners of the mind.

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The Healing Power of Writing

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Autism & Authors "Autism's Impact on Families"

Fundraising Event to Benefit Cape Cod Village

Monday, August 12, 10 am

Although several hallmarks of autism include difficulties with communication and social interaction, it did not stop these two women from the Lower Cape from making a special connection.

Lisa Genova, Ph.D of Chatham and Lauren Jones, M.S.W. from Orleans met recently to talk about something for which they both have tremendous passion... AUTISM.

Lisa is a New York Times best selling author and published a novel in 2012, about anthony about autism. Lauren is a Clinical Social Worker at Orleans Psychotherapy Associates and the mother of a 24 year old son with autism.

Together, these two women are planning a retreat/conference in August to address the issues that impact families who have a child with a diagnosis of autism.

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