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A Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Trusting Energy Flow

Times are shifting and changing as we connect with the evolution of energy and perspective. Observe the beauty and bounty of these changing times. There is much to gain from your experiences and your willingness to accept gifts into your life. Allow your creative self to be expressed in ways that will open the path to eternal joy and love. Have full respect for your creativity in all that you do and admire how Universal Spirit Works through you and others to create enlightened evolution.

Throughout history, the times have moved and changed before our eyes. It is, of course, a constant and endless process. In the present time, life feels like it is transforming faster than ever. We can all observe the changes brought about by ever faster and more expansive modern technology which spreads culture and ideas across the global at unprecedented levels and speeds.

However, the exchange of ideas and technology is only one aspect, one level of this change. Whether we adeptly shoot off instant messages from our Blackberry or we struggle to turn on our computer, we all are equal participants in co-creating change – and life itself.

Each of us is constantly sending out energy. We do this quite naturally because our bodies and spirits are made of energy, as are the people around us and the Earth we inhabit. By its nature, energy is in constant motion. It takes the form of satellite waves, weather, even the endless parade of thoughts that we produce and might believe are safely hidden away in our heads. But none of this energy is self-contained.

The collective fear of a community suffering from an earthquake resonates on some level to the other side of the planet. A judgmental thought seeps out and can be felt, more strongly or weakly depending upon an individual’s sensitivity. In tumultuous times such as we are presently experiencing in the world, the collective energy can feel like a roller coaster.

When energy moves within us or around us it can be jarring. Our bodies and minds may feel out of balance and we may experience some uncomfortable side effects. These may include a health crisis or severe sadness. At a basic level, these symptoms are just a way for people to process this energy and information.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or awash in the energy of life, let it move through you, knowing that you are in charge of your own energy. You will come out renewed when the discomfort or turmoil is over. If you are absorbing negative thoughts, counter them with loving and positive ones. The biggest thing to remember is to trust in Universal Spirit.

There are many names, terms, definitions for Universal Spirit. The essence of this force is an all-encompassing energy of love and support. It is the base substance from which we are created and that which we can drawn on throughout our lives.

Think of it this way, perhaps… The measurements and calculations of science demonstrate that an enormous amount of light exists in the universe. We humans cannot physically see 99.999% of this light. What we can see – the sun brightened days of our world, the seemingly infinite pointillism of stars at night – are enough to dazzle us. If all that is only a pinprick in the light of the universe, then think of all the sights that lie beyond our eyes. So too is the potential of Universal Spirit within and around us.

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