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New Programs at WE CAN

by Arlene Kirsch, Executive Director

WE CAN (Women’s Empowerment through Cape Area Networking) offers Cape women in any life transition strength, assistance, and opportunities. For example, we just restarted our divorce support group after a hiatus of a couple of months. Only a month into it, what a difference there is in the lives of its participants. One woman wrote this to group leader Peggy Wilbur, LICSW:

"I just wanted to thank you. My journey I’ve been on has not been a very easy one for me, not really knowing too many people and being kind of isolated. Awhile back, I could feel myself starting to slip away again. You were persistent... and it made me start to smile again. Imagine that…someone who really didn’t have to care, did. You reeled me back in to stepping my foot outside the door again and start peeking at the things beyond my front door.

With gratitude... M"

We’ve also just launched our newest program, The Bridge, a two-to-three-month mentorship program for younger women, ages 18 to about 25.

WE CAN created The Bridge to help local young women emerge as strong, successful, productive adults by helping them identify and start on a career path with the help of a mentor. The Bridge also offers specific survival skills such as balancing a checkbook, using credit safely, interviewing and dressing for career success, and - most important - self-esteem and especially, confidence.

As the wise Helen Keller once said, “Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” WE CAN believes the connection between hope and confidence is so strong that we build both into our programs.

WE CAN is seeking candidates for The Bridge. Please let us know (508-430-8111) about young Cape Cod women who may be interested in participating.

We have eager mentors, led by WE CAN co-founder Kathy Schade and realtor Kim Clark. New mentor candidates recently attended a fun event organized by the Community Leadership Institute of the Cape & Islands at Cape Cod Community TV to hear more about WE CAN’s two mentorship programs. About 30 professionals signed up to be mentors that night. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the event’s organizers.

Call, click, or come in, whether you want information or services, or if you’d just like to be on our mailing list (our fundraisers are all F-U-N raisers).

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WE CAN Presents: Women in Transition

October 3-Harwich Community Center

For women who want to deal with changes in their lives constructively - divorce, lay off, death or illness, new baby, retirement.

Join us for a ½-day program led by Beverly Ryle, a transition expert, career professsional and director of the center for career and business development, Success On Your Own Terms

Whether it’s change in our personal circumstances or our work lives, Women have an amazing capacity to deal with what’s throw at us, but what if we could do more than “tough it out”? what if we could learn to be in transition in a more conscious, productive and meaningful way?

This workshop provides both the conceptual and practical tools needed to make any transitions productive and meaningful.

To register call 508-430-8111

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537 Main Street, Suite 2H
in Harwich Port Center.

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