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Dorothy Cohen


by Dorothy Cohen

I found myself sitting in my car at The Animal Rescue League one October morning, sobbing harder than I can remember doing in a long while. The kitten I had seen through her rough birth and struggling days had given up her fight, and I had to let her go.

I am a foster caregiver for the unwanted, abused and neglected cats and kittens taken in by The Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Brewster. Some may wonder, how can I keep doing it after what happened that day? I can answer easily. It’s worth it.

That kitten knew love and warmth and caring, at least for a little while. She mattered.

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Publisher’s Note: When education incorporates volunteerism, the rewards for the students can last long passed graduation.

Three students from the Sturgis Charter Public School, in Hyannis, tell us why the C.A.S. program is such an important part of their high school education.

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What is C.A.S.?

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Embracing the Opportunities of the C.A.S. Volunteer Program

by Carolyn Willander

Mariah Orchid Kelley

My C.A.S. Experience

by Mariah Orchid Kelley

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Polar Bear Plunge

by Mariah Orchid Kelley

Polar Bear Plunge on the beach.

I’m walking down the beach, buttoning up my jacket against the sea breeze, and I cross paths with the Grim Reaper, three pirates, an astronaut, and a six-foot-tall black dog. It’s okay, though, they’re perfectly normal.

Today I’ve chosen to attend the Polar Bear Plunge, and event where a bunch of crazy costumed locals jump into the sub-zero temperature water in a frenzy of chattering teeth and blue lips.

I stand in the crowd of bundled-up onlookers snapping photos of some of the costumes, when an elderly woman next to me turns to her husband. “I’m getting cold just looking at them,” she whispers to him.

He smiles. “Brave kids,” he muses quietly.

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The 30/50 Project ad

the 30/50

Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy

Children's Action Corps

Youth in Progress Driving School

12 Enterprise Road,
Hyannis MA 02601

For more information or to fill out an application, visit their website or check out their FaceBook page

What is a Time Bank?

In economics, a time-based currency is an alternative currency where the unit of exchange is the person-hour.

Time-based currencies value everyone’s contributions equally. One hour equals one service credit.

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Cape Cod Time Bank works Click to continue