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Coming Full Circle: Healing Classes Offered at Deborah Ann’s Rainbow

by Deborah Ann Hagen

Many years ago, I worked as a nurse. I was a great nurse, always well liked, good at what I did, very kind and very efficient. Unfortunately, I was too good and I burnt myself out.

I didn't take care of myself. I had no boundaries and couldn’t say no to anyone. I literally worked until it pushed me into therapy. Once in treatment, I learned that the lack of boundaries and self-care were good reasons not to continue being a nurse.

During the worst part of my therapy, I was unable to take care of anyone, including myself.

Three or four years passed. I learned that it was okay to say no. That no one was perfect. That taking care of myself was a priority, and that I didn't have to be a nurse any longer if I didn't want to. However, after thirty years of being a nurse, what would I do?

Many ideas bounced around my head. One day, I read an ad in the newspaper saying, “Open Your Own Gift Shop This Weekend.” I found out the location of the shop and looked in the window. I felt the energy that was here.

The idea for my shop flowed immediately out of my pen. Without any background in retail, I opened the shop.

If you’ve worked in retail, you know that energy and interest alone are not enough to run a business. There’s a learning curve for how to buy, how to keep cash flowing, how to pay the bills, and how to keep up with all of the work. Unfortunately, the learning curve is steep, and in my case, very expensive.

Cape Cod Mermaid
Cape Cod Mermaid One of a now discontinued
series called Syrens of the Sea, by Munro

For the past eight years I’ve been learning and growing as a businesswoman. Every time I thought of quitting, the energy here made me keep on trying.

Throughout it all, I never thought about returning to nursing. As difficult as it was here, I knew I could not go back.

I continue to own and keep the shop named Deborah Ann's Rainbow alive and growing. I’ve been blessed with loyal customers both on Cape and off who return again and again, giving me ideas for new items.

Over the years, we’ve drifted to a more metaphysical and New Age mix of mermaids, faeries, angels, dragons, goddesses, candles and incense, inspirational books and music, crystals, stones, and artwork, photography, and jewelry created by local artists.

By carrying these new things, I became drawn to learn more about them. I love to learn and I love to teach, both attributes learned from nursing.

Hand Crafted Cape Cod Nights Bracelet
Hand Crafted Cape Cod Nights Bracelet

Slowly, the desire to teach and learn began to grow within me and reawaken the need to share my knowledge with others.

Last year, when the economy dropped, the store became even more of a challenge. My wonderful customers, struggling with their own lives, could not afford their necessities. Gifts are not necessities.

Seashell Shaped Fountain
Seashell Shaped Fountain

Although my initial response was panic, I soon began to look inward and discovered that there were aspects of nursing that I liked and missed.

While the thought of providing traditional nursing care still didn’t appeal to me, alternative care and more holistic modalities began to capture my attention.

Over the winter I trained in Reiki, Crystal Energy Healing, and IET® (Integrated Energy Therapy). We’ve created a small room at the shop in which to provide these and other healing services.

Several of my customers, healers themselves, are joining me to provide these services. In addition, I have started teaching a wellness series on taking better care of ourselves.

In short, I have come full circle and now will be providing the best of both careers: a wonderful shop providing holistic and metaphysical items, as well as education and caring services in the world of health and wellness.

Debbie Hagen is the Rainbow Keeper and owner of the holistic gift shop Deborah Ann's Rainbow in Dennis Port.

Prior to starting the shop, Debbie was a nurse/teacher, practicing in primary care and school health at many facilities on Cape Cod including Cape Cod Child Development/Head Start, the Riverview School, and Eastham Elementary School.

A resident of Cape Cod since age five, she has lived in Provincetown, Wellfleet, Brewster and currently in South Chatham with her husband Roger, whom she has known since age 10. She has one son Eric, 36, and three grand-dogs.

Deborah Ann's Rainbow ad

2 Telegraph Road, Dennisport, MA 02639

“Taking Time for Me from A to Z”

Give yourself the gift of peace and relaxation for a short time every two weeks.

This on-going wellness series will focus on basic self-care techniques and help you to find the time and motivation to implement them.

Classes held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday

From 6:00 - 8:00pm
$5 per person each session
Each session can stand alone
or be attended in sequence.

Healing Class Schedule

  • May 10:
    Taking Time to Take Care
  • May 18:
    Affirmations, Action Plans and Asking
  • June 1:
    Breathing: Do You Know How?
  • June 15:
    Chakras, Colors and Crystals, oh my!
  • June 29 :
    Chakras, Colors and Crystals: part 2
  • July 6:
    Diet Is a Four Letter Word We all Use
  • July 20:
    Eating and Exercise: The Ugly Twins
  • August 3:
    Forming New Habits, Framing New Thoughts
  • August 17:
    Good for Me, Good for You, Too?
  • August 31:
    How am I Healing?
  • September 7:
    Intuition and Insight
  • September 21:
    Judging Myself and Others


Please call 508-398-8662 for more information on these or other new wellness services, classes and events.

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