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Fall Poem

by Grace Finch

Where am I?

Flooded, like the tears in my eyes when I think of her.

Red, like my skin after a hot summer's day in the sun.

Tart, making my lips pucker, but not for a kiss.

Sweet, when you add a little sugar.

Vast, open space for room to grow.

A beautiful, colorful sight every Fall.

Where am I?

Do you know?

Cape Cod cranberry bog.

Grace Finch

Grace Finch is a native Cape Codder who has been landscaping for over 15 years. She now has her own small gardening business that focuses mainly on perennial and vegetable gardens.

Grace enjoys spending her free time walking Cape Cod beaches and cranberry bogs with her dog Kaya and writing about nature.

Visit her blog at:

Photograph by Nicola Burnell