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Building Connections

by Diane McDonough

Patricia Taylor is a mother, grandmother and a construction worker with a Construction Supervisor's License. She loves to work with wood. She's renovated and winterized her own home; converted a van to a camper; and has empowered families by building homes — and kayaks — for Habitat for Humanity.

Soft-spoken and unassuming, her woodworking skills are impressive, but Pat's strength lies in her relationships to her family and to her community. She uses these talents to make the world a better place.

A self-proclaimed rebel with "progressive" parents, she chose to explore possibilities and dismiss the limitations society placed on women

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The Rebirth of an Entrepreneurial Nation: Team Building & Marketing

by Sherri Mahoney-Battles

Sherri Mahoney-Battles

Most small business owners have a skill-set that surpasses others in their field and dream of the day when they become their own boss.

In teaching small business development classes, we were often faced with entrepreneurs in the start-up phase who talked about wanting to put the money in their own pockets instead of the bosses' pockets. Many of them looked forward to a day when they could work whenever they wanted to work without the responsibility of having to "punch a clock."

Some of them felt limited as employees capped off by a glass ceiling that controlled their future earnings and creativity. A common mantra shared among all of these would-be entrepreneurs was that they could do it better than it was currently being done

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Crony Capitalism - Family Style

by Beverly Ryle

Bev Ryle

It was relatively cool on the back deck of my son's laboriously restored, brick house in downtown Wallingford, CT, when the family gathered on the first of August to celebrate my granddaughter's birthday.

The older generations, grandparents and great grandparent, had assembled ahead of the young families and seated themselves in the shade or where they might catch a breeze.

I had settled in with my mother on a picnic table bench along the wall separating the kitchen from the deck. The location provided a good back rest, easy access to the kitchen, should we be called upon to help, and an unobstructed view of the piecemeal arrival of our children or children's children and their broods.

It also proved to be an excellent vantage point to observe a male-bonding ritual I'd never seen before, when my son-in-law joined the group

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