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Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Calling Back Your Lost Abundance

Dear Beings of the New Dawn, this is a time to celebrate your true self, radiant, shinning and abundant. This message is to help you become aware of all the times you have given yourself away, from childhood until now. It is time to call back all of those moments and all of your well-deserved abundance.

You can start this process by looking back at how you lived your life, how you gave parts of yourself away and why. So if you gave your abundance away by sharing great profitable ideas with others and had little recognition, thanks or material exchange, then this is something to look at. Have you had many moments where you gave your time and energy to other's without much in gratitude or return in other ways? Maybe you have had numerous times when you gave away your products, services or works or art for barley any monetary exchange at all? These are all forms of giving your abundance away.

This phenomenon often happens because of your core beliefs. These may include lack of self-worth, lack of self-confidence and lack of self-love. We are not saying that you cannot give freely of yourself, you can. Just know where the energy is coming from in your inner spirit. If you feel like you are being drained on any level, physical, mental or emotional, then you are giving your abundance away for nothing. If you give with love, compassion and detachment, then you are giving a wonderful gift of abundance from your whole being and are being replenished at the same time from Universal Abundance.

Also look at how you have accepted material gifts or help from others. Could you accept gifts of time, material gifts and money with a full sense of self-worth? If you feel you have trouble accepting any kind of gift then these are the nuggets you need to look to carefully. It is also very important to look at how you give away your abundance and how you accept abundance in your life right now.

To call back your abundance, sit in meditation every day, and use positive self-talk for a few weeks or months, depending upon how much healing work needs to be done. Start by recognizing specific moments in your life when you gave your abundance away. Take a deep breath and ask Infinite Spirit, your Spirit Guides and Angels to help you heal those moments. Also forgive yourself for not having more self-love at the moment you gave your abundance away. Call back the energy of abundance from each time you can remember and from those times you cannot recall too. You will feel it energetically first, with a flow of beautiful energy moving into your auric field, then into your body.

You will feel complete love for yourself, as well as a sense of strong self-worth. After a few days of calling back your abundance, you may start to notice the material abundance coming back as well as the energetic form of abundance that you will receive. These things may be in the form of material gifts, time from others, a new job opportunity, an increase in salary, a new business opportunity or money.

When you believe you are worth the time, energy and abundance you gave out over all of those years of your life, from childhood until now, your abundance of energy and material forms will flow back to you fully with this daily exercise of connecting with your true radiant, worthy spirit.

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This exciting system examines your energy field and creates a report of the overall health of your chakras.

Our auras are energy fields that are connected to and extend from our human body. These energy fields are coronas of light and color that some people can see and feel, while others can only view them through aura imaging technology.

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Lynne Delaney

Lynne Delaney is a Conscious Living Advisor & Reiki Master. Her Reiki treatments combine intuitive energy work and crystals.

She offers private sessions in spiritual guidance, intuitive tarot, and hypnotherapy. Group sessions include table-tipping and transfiguration. With a background in science and spiritual studies, Lynne is able to better understand how both disciplines contribute to healing and well-being. To make an appointment, contact Lynne at (508) 241-3048 or email

Lynne is also the editor of her husband's new novel Pieces of Eight.