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Flowering tree

Spring Air

by Grace Finch

It's finally here!

Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face in early spring is one of the most invigorating and uplifting times of the year. The days are now getting longer and the sun has its chance to climb way up in the sky to provide us with many more hours in the day for playing or working outside.

Cherry blossom trees begin to put on a brilliant show with all the different shades of pink throughout their abundant flowers. The petals fall to the ground, covering the grass like a soft blanket as my front yard begins to look like a princess's home or a perfectly manicured aisle for a bride to walk down on her special day.

I can taste the sweet aroma of honeysuckle in the air, which makes my mouth water for a refreshing home brewed iced tea with lemon and honey. I'm picturing myself sitting on the porch sipping tea, listening to the birds chirp as they flutter and dart around while seeking nectar from all the new flowers.

The smell of early blooming forsythia tickles my nose with an excitement of all the extraordinary things to come.

The colors of spring are bursting more and more every day, making me eager to have my hands in the dirt; cultivating, planting and tending to the gardens. I look forward to the amazing show of Mother Nature’s beauty.

As I opened the doors to the tool shed, there was a musty, damp smell stinging my nose, so I left it all open in order to let it air out. I made my way to the back of the shed, having to move bicycles, grills, beach toys and chairs out of the way. All things franticly crammed in there at the last minute as I quickly prepared for winter when the first frost happened… almost five months ago.

Rakes, shovels, edgers and pitchforks all stand tall against the back wall. A small bucket holds my hand rakes, pruners, sheers and many pairs of worn gloves.

I'll be buying a new pair of gloves this season but I always have a difficult time getting rid of the old, used ones as they represent all the hard work my hands have done. I'm very dedicated to gardening and everything about it intrigues me.

Spring flowers

I've already purchased seeds for all types of lettuce, spinach and arugula. Also, I plan to pick up small established plants of all kinds of peppers, green beans and tomatoes at the farmers’ market, which opens in early May and continues every Saturday on Old Colony Way in Orleans.

I set up several fences made of wood and metal for the tomatoes and beans to have a place to climb. It gives me great satisfaction to watch all my crops grow!

There's a constant buzz of lawn mowers and power tools starting up as people are eager to be out in their yards tending to whatever damage this winter’s harsh conditions have left behind.

The Brewster in Bloom parade (this year scheduled for Sunday, April 28th) is always a sure sign that we made it through the coldest months, allowing us to embrace and celebrate the new season. The colorful, vibrant floats and creative, fun ideas are an excitement I look forward to every year.

Beach walks are no longer treacherous and bundled with so many layers, hats, gloves and snow boots but rather enjoyed now wearing lighter gear and clothing. On some select days I'll soon be walking barefoot, feeling the cold sand and water beneath my toes.

Most businesses, restaurants, shops and hotels are opening and the buzz in town becomes more active as we all prepare for the madness of summer.

Liam's snack shack at Nauset Beach in Orleans will be opening any day now and I can't pass by without stopping for a large order of their world famous onion rings. The smell makes my mouth water as they call out my number and my overflowing basket of thin onion rings is placed in my hands.

I get back to the car and set them in a secure spot as I shift into four-wheel drive and make my way to the outer beach while snacking on my crispy, salty treat. I enjoy every moment of this yearly tradition.

Now is a great time to enjoy the empty beaches, roads and all around serenity here on Cape Cod. Watching Nature turn its course, and thriving off this sense of wonderment, I step outside to breathe in some warm, fresh spring air.

Photographs courtesy of Grace Finch

Grace Finch

Grace Finch is a native Cape Codder who has been landscaping for over 15 years and now has her own small gardening business that focuses mainly on perennial and vegetable gardens.

Grace enjoys spending her free time walking Cape Cod beaches year round with her dog Kaya and writing about nature.

You can visit her blog at: