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What a moving story by Jane Anderson about her Aunt. The paintings are beautiful and all the different styles so interesting.

It is so sad that she was obviously penalized for being gay.

Wouldn't it make a great film?

Jackie Crick, U.K.

Publisher's Note: Yes, it is an amazing story and I'm thrilled to tell you Jane Anderson IS making a film about her great aunt's story! You can view a 1 minute promo to her documentary film here:

Dear CWO and Ms. Anderson,

I loved your story about Ms. Wilkinson in Cape Women Online. I am a poet who specializes in poetry written about art.

I am in the beginning stages of a new chapbook of poems about the paintings of women by women artists. I was going to limit the paintings to iconic painters. But this may just have changed my mind.

I am so moved by this story and by your tireless work to bring Ms. Wilkinson's art back to Provincetown.

Thank you for your compassion and for sharing the story with us.

Peace, Kim Baker

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Hi Nickey!

I love your attractive, upbeat, people-sensitive online magazine!

I would be honored to collaborate on a feature article with yourself or someone else. Just let me know when you want to do it.


Publisher's Note: Thank you Susana, I'm glad you like our magazine! If you'd like to submit something for a future issue please visit our Submissions Guidelines page. We'd love to hear from you.

Dear Nickey, Katie & Jane,

I so enjoy reading capewomenonline. You have done an amazing job putting it together.

There are so many talented people here on the Cape. You are providing a great service for the unsung ones.

I hope you are smart enough to be really pleased. This is no ordinary thing you have done.

Stay well,
Jonnie (Garstka)

What an incredible story about Edith Lake Wilkinson! I'd like to help.

Also just read the terrific pieces by Gillian Drake and Saralee Perel.

Capewomenonline is great!

Joan Graham

Bed Hopping"...what a wonderful read...reminds us all that families are what anchors us and wherever we lay our head, as long as family is around us, it's home (in spite of all the imperfections!!!!)

Thank you, Nickey, for sharing this wonderful personal adventure and reminding us "there's no place like home".

JC, Orleans

Hi Nickey,

Just finished reading "Packed in a Trunk" in the Winter 2013 issue of Cape Women Online, and was deeply touched and moved by the story of Edith LakeWilkinson. What a moving tale!

You've played a key role in getting this story out into the light of day, and I'm so pleased that Jane Anderson will be making a documentary about this wonderful artist.

You have a gift for connecting people who otherwise would never cross each other's paths. Don't know how you do it; you must be a cosmic USB hub!

Best regards,

Rick Paris
E. Orleans, MA