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It's The Food, Stupid!

by Janet Eckhoff

A lunch of Nicoise salad (tuna).

When Mireille Guiliano published French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure, she began a conversation about food, lifestyle and health that might just be worth paying attention to.

This summer, I spent two weeks in France, the land of cheese, pate, bread and croissants, and even though I partook, I lost weight. This happened when I was in France two years ago, too.

I've always been interested in food, especially over the past two years. My family is rife with diabetes and my mother had severe Alzeimer's before she passed away, two summers ago.

I have the perfect apple-shaped diabetes body, and while my doctors have indicated that I've been pre-diabetic for about ten years, I've been able to stave it off, so far.

My reading connects processed flour to stomach fat, which of course happens to most women during menopause. The book Wheat Belly was the first book I read that talked about this issue. All processed food turns into sugar faster, thus contributing to high blood sugar

Sustainable Thinking and Living: How It Connects Citizens and Communities

by Darby Hobbs, CEO & Founder SOCIAL3

Intellectual curiosity. Not everyone possesses it. But, how do you get it? It's not something that you lose and recapture, then keep close to your heart. You either have it or you don't. You're either wired to continually learn and push yourself, or lay back and wait for the world to greet you.

You are either the one who leads while others follow, or you devise paths for others to eventually take, putting up their own buildings along the way, but the highway they travel on was developed through your vision.

Turning intellectual curiosity into action can only happen when there's a connection between what a person is learning about and what they are passionate about.

That emotional connection brands the thinking down a dual path, strengthening any disruption that might occur, such as conflict of the heart, or a colleagues passing statement that would unearth anyone's convictions if they weren't strongly founded in their footing.

Photograph by Deborah McNaughton

Cape Abilities Farm

458 Main Street, Route 6A
Dennis, MA

Promoting local sustainable farming

Open Monday through Friday
10am – 6pm

Saturday and Sunday
10am – 5pm

Cape Abilities Farm provides fresh, healthy produce, including award-winning tomatoes and gorgeous flowers and planters to our community through its farm stand, restaurants, local food pantries, and schools.


The Local Juice is a company motivated by a passion to promote a sustainable lifestyle that is locally driven and nutritionally mindful.

We strive to empower, inspire and educate consumers by connecting them to their local food source and community and by raising their awareness on how to make healthy and delicious choices... one juice at a time.

not a fad. not a cleanse.
a sustainable life.