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A Healing Shift in Energy

by Johanne Kieffer

A woman I knew, whom I'll call Tina, was a boisterous spinster of 68 years with no partner, no living family or friends. She was diagnosed with inoperable uterine cancer at the end of June. The tumor was blocking her bowels. She wasn't expected to live past August and was told to get her affairs in order.

Tina was always loud, always talking, always right. She lived very simply and had no real money to speak of. She still used a rotary phone, even shared a party-line…unheard of!

Even though she wasn't a massage client of mine, upon hearing the news of her cancer I offered her Reiki. I knew from personal experience this healing energy could help her, on many levels, move through the frightening journey she was about to embark upon

Soulful Touch
"Healing from within"

Johanne Kieffer, LMT, RM

Sweet September

by Alicia Mathewson

I remember the first September when I was back living on Cape Cod year round. It was so sweet. The crowds left, the air was crisp and I had just healed out of another transformational period in my life that had felt very difficult.

It was as if I had come back home. This feeling of rebirth was what inspired my song Sweet September.

I remember playing it at the Cape Cod Chat House, in Dennis, and a new friend said "thank you for making me feel September in a different way". At the time, I didn't really know what she meant.

September had always been a happy time for me. While growing up, it was back to school clothes and field hockey time (that's in another song called September Again). My birthday being at the end of August made it feel like the beginning of a new year.

When I was living in NYC for 12 years, I always got the Jewish holidays off from teaching and also felt that NEW YEAR beginning. I loved that NYC September feeling.

Last fall, however, September was not so great. In fact, if felt like a death

Cancer Q & A

with Kathy Kanavos

Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos addresses your concerns about Cancer

Ask Me Anything!

SAMHAIN: Fall Equinox - Day of Reckoning

by Marlene T. Bell

My house is quiet except for Swan Lake, a crescendo of sound rising from the little radio in my kitchen. I think Tchiakovsky wrote the music on just such nights, a pas de deux from the lap of chaos. No magicians as I focus my attention to the ballet. I always do. It stops the hurrying Circle momentarily, like a quiet angelus.

Outside, the wind rules our village. Branches and leaves fly by in scurrying whirls then abruptly stop. The weather has been demanding for a few days.

In suburban woods, fallen angels and high demons chatter and gossip, their laughter and chit-chat sending dog-like sensations down my arms.

It's Halloween, but no little kiddies will come by for dubious treats in their cute little costumes. I bought candy knowing I would eat it. There are no children in this neighborhood. In fact, the world of men seems to have lost its children.

Summer houses look down with vacant windows. The houses are hibernating right now, and will not come back to life until next April, when they will be purified by the cleaning ladies

A Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Be Passionate about the Harvest within you!

Great Beings of the New Dawn, as the season turns once again from the warm times of summer to the cooler crisp times of Autumn, take in a deep breath and prepare for your life's harvest.

Take a pause in your being so you can reflect upon all of the things you have done to create the life around you, your bounty, abundance, your new harvest.

A year has passed since the last yield so it is indeed important for you to look back and observe how well your garden of life has grown. Take an inventory of your crops and offer gratitude, for this bounty represents the future sustenance of who you are going to evolve into as a vibrant being of creation in body, mind and spirit