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Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Release the Old and Renew Your Life

Great beings of the new dawn, it is time to get serious about your energy, how you channel it, cultivate it and share it with yourself and the world. You are energetic beings on all levels of your body, mind and Spirit. Know this is true and act as though your life's journey depends upon this information.

Bad thoughts are like poison for us. We should think of them that way and, in the same way we wouldn't willingly ingest poison, we shouldn't indulge in negative thinking and feeling of any kind. This is a harsh example of how your energy works, but it is a necessary comparison to help you see just how important it is to keep your energy high and your thoughts positive.

If you are in the habit of this way of thinking, there may be some negative things stuffed away in your soul that need to be addressed.

When you lock away old hurts, resentments or traumas in a nice box with a latch, you may feel alright for a while, but underlying issues of body, mind and spirit may start to get your attention. This is because burying old issues that have not been dealt with properly is synonymous to burying barrels of nuclear waste deep inside the Earth - a terrible thing in and of itself.

Your negative nuggets or skeletons in the closet are gone from sight, but over time they may begin to leak hazardous and detrimental radioactive waste and pollution into your whole being, making it hard to escape from facing the soul sludge. For the issues will arise by a change in your energy field, a breakdown in the physical body, the emotional body, as well as the Spiritual body.

When the breakdowns start it affects everything in your life. They may start slowly or come on like a dam breaking. This happens when the energy of keeping things hidden becomes a very heavy burden on your soul. So at this point consider it your wake up call to make positive, everlasting changes in your life.

Start by removing the heavy weight that keeps you from living fully and joyfully at every moment of every day. You can do this in any way that feels right to you: through your meditations and asking for help from Infinite Spirit and your Angels and Guides; by talking to a counselor; by getting metaphysical help through energy work or herbal supplements. The opportunities for help are endless, you just need to recognize what is happening and then ask for assistance.

When the toxins of long buried issues are released and cleaned up from your body, mind and Spirit, then you can be free to live life in a peaceful manner. You will be more connected to your higher self and to Infinite Spirit.

When you have found harmony within yourself, then you will have the energy to follow the passions in your soul and can tend to them and to yourself with loving care.

May the golden light of Infinite Spirit shine upon the garden of your soul where you can thrive and sparkle brighter each day.

Lynne Delaney

Lynne Delaney is a Conscious Living Advisor & Reiki Master. Her Reiki treatments combine intuitive energy work and crystals.

She offers private sessions in spiritual guidance, intuitive tarot, and hypnotherapy. Group sessions include table-tipping and transfiguration.

With a background in science and spiritual studies, Lynne is able to better understand how both disciplines contribute to healing and well-being.

To make an appointment, contact Lynne at (508) 241-3048 or email

Lynne is also the editor of her husband's novel Pieces of Eight.

Books and e-books available at: and

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