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Loving Your Health

How passion lights the fire in our hearts and minds for what we truly desire for ourselves.

by Shayna Mahoney

When I think about what I'm passionate about, I tend to think of spending time with family and friends, going to yoga, cooking nutritious and simple meals, walking my dog, singing and dancing.

But you know what else I am incredibly passionate about? It's inspiring women to be healthy and happy so they can reach for their dreams. When I first began my health coaching business four years ago, I had big dreams but didn't know where they would lead me…

I loved talking to my clients about whole foods, exercise, vitamins and self-care, however, I began to see a similar pattern with many of them. I had women coming to me who wanted to reduce anxiety and depression so they could feel energized, confident and happy without relying on a medication. They no longer wanted to be a slave to diets, sugar cravings and low self-esteem.

I myself have struggled in the past with these same emotions so understanding these women made me more passionate in helping them see what was possible for them. It was no longer just about what they were eating. It was about listening to their passions, dreams and desires for every area of their lives.

I have found that when I am coming from a place of passion rather than doing what I think I'm "supposed" to be doing, everything changes; making me happier, inspired and more excited to continue growing. If I'm feeling drained and unmotivated, it usually means I need to take a step back, rest and think about what I'm craving. And I don't mean snack cravings. I mean what my body, mind, heart and soul are craving. Am I craving time by myself with a good book and warm tea? Quality time with my husband? A massage? A long walk in the fresh air? A spinach smoothie?

I focus on what I need to do so I can then come from a place of passion in my relationships and work. This helps me to get in touch with what I really want and need so I can feel nourished and fulfilled. This then leads me to want to take better care of myself and be the best I can be.

I understand it can be difficult to find and ignite your passions when you haven't been in touch with them in awhile. I especially understand how winter causes low energy, sadness, sugar cravings, lack of focus and low motivation. This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It is normal, especially on Cape Cod. However, there are simple ways to feel energized, happy and confident so you can passionately reach for your dreams, especially in the New Year!

The New Year is usually all about setting resolutions, but let's be honest - how long do they typically last? Maybe a few weeks; then what happens? Your motivation starts to fizzle. You get bored. You aren't living your true purpose and you may feel like something is missing.

What if 2014 actually could be the best year without thinking about resolutions?

What if you could be healthy and happy all year long, even during the cold and dreary winter months?

I dare you to start thinking about your passions. Tap into that part of you that has big dreams and desires. You may notice it's actually easier to reach your goals and have positive transformation in every area of your life.

Passion empowers women to be the best version of themselves. It motivates them to appreciate their bodies, eat nourishing food, find exercise they enjoy and truly love their lives. Here are a few action steps to inspire you to be happy, healthy, energized and focus on your passions this winter:


What exercise does your body love? I actually don't like going to the gym. However, I love heated yoga, workout videos, walking my dog and dancing. I love variety and listen to what my body wants.


Taking high-quality supplements not only improved my mood and energy but assisted me in no longer needing Prozac.

  • ◆ B Complex ~ These include Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 as well as folic acid. B Complex vitamins support the nervous system and relieve stress and help mild depression.
  • ◆ D3 ~ Vitamin D comes from sunlight, which helps the body to synthesize this vitamin. However, for people with limited sun exposure, particularly during the winter months, depressed mood can occur. D3 has been proven to elevate mood where a deficiency exists and even for those who already get adequate levels from the sun.
  • ◆ Fish Oil ~ The omega-3 in fish oil helps regulate not only healthy hearts but also healthy brains. It helps to increase the blood levels of the brain chemicals EPA and DHA, which help decrease depression.


Spice up your life with cooking! I know what it's like to have a busy schedule and limited time to cook healthy meals. Try out these 3 spices to add some flavor and warm up your body this winter.

  • ◆ Ginger - can decrease nausea, bloating, constipation and blood clotting.
  • ◆ Turmeric - helps reduce inflammation and pain in the body. Also contains curcumin, which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
  • ◆ Cinnamon - helps with managing blood sugar, reducing sugar cravings, and lowers cholesterol.

Journal Writing

Take 5 minutes to answer these questions in writing.

  • ◆ What am I passionate about doing to improve my health?
  • ◆ How can I show my body and mind more love?
  • ◆ What hobbies am I passionate about?
  • ◆ How can I incorporate these hobbies into my life more?
  • ◆ What am I passionate about improving in my relationships?
  • ◆ Am I doing work that I am passionate and excited about?


Find a person or group to hold you accountable to your passions this year. This January, you are more than welcome to join me and other women for the 5 Day Detox: Winter Blues to Red-Hot Energy. This virtual program will help you re-ignite your energy and passions, spice up your meals and feel confidently energized. You can learn more at

For more information on which herbs are really good for you check out these two articles:

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This new year are you looking to:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and winter depression naturally
  • Fire up your metabolism and reduce cravings
  • Get inspired and stay motivated

Join holistic health coach, Shayna Mahoney, on this simple journey to ignite your energy and confidence in 2014!

Learn more and sign up at

Shayna Mahoney is a transformational holistic health coach. She never thought she would have a business based in health and wellness until her father became disabled from taking the statin drug, Crestor, to lower his cholesterol.

Shayna began researching and became interested in nutrition and how she could possibly help others prevent what her family had been through. She then decided to attend nutrition school to become a health coach.

While in nutrition school she transformed her own mind and body. She started Loving Health Now in 2010 to inspire other women to reduce anxiety and depression naturally so they can feel more energized and happy.

In addition to her nutrition training, Shayna has an A.A. in Psychology, B.A. in Human Development, is a Certified Transformational Coach and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Visit Shayna's website for more information, or email her at