Hi Katie

Oh My Gosh!!! You did a wonderful job! I love it! Can't thank you enough for this opportunity.

The page looks awesome. I already posted it on Facebook!! I'll also add the page to my website!

Thanks so much again!
Happy Holidays!

Suzanne Tonaire
Behind The Band TV

Editor's Note: Suzanne Tonaire's story about "Living The Dream" attracted lots of comments on Facebook, including these:

"Good Work!" – Paul D.

"This is awesome, Suzanne!" – Meryl

"Suzanne, You sing the National Anthem better than anyone else in the world – you left that out! This is a great story!" – Pamela M.

"Great job, Suzanne. Things really do happen for a reason. We just need to be patient until the "why" is revealed. – Andrew

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Hi Katie!

I love the Charlie Brown tree too... did she call my mom for the picture?

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your on line magazine!

Wishing you a safe, relaxing holiday season!

Kristen Magnacca

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Dear CWO,

Your magazine is always so interesting and informative. I look forward to reading each new issue and LOVE getting the email notice that the new issue is online! It's like getting a present in my inbox :-)

Keep up the good work!

Editor's Note: Thanks, Heidi!

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Dear CapeWomen,

Loved the Holiday Issue! I especially like Dr. Warren's advice for helping my diet survive the holiday season. I plan to use her "Love it, Need it, Leave it" policy all year round. It's so nice to find diet advice that I can actually live with!

Happy 2011 to all-
Melanie in Barnstable

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Dear Ms. O'Sullivan,

Kathy Kleekamp introduced me to your wonderful publication, having written an article about ekphrasis that you are going to publish in January.

I am the poet in the article. The piece introduces the reader to author Gladys Taber. I have studied her scholastically, but I have always wanted to introduce her work to a new generation of not-necessarily academic readers.

Thank you for a marvelous publication, and many holiday blessings wished for you and yours.

Kim Baker

Editor's Note: Posted on Facebook in response to our two Holiday articles about the artist & teacher Sarah Holl.

Diane Kohut Kyle said:

Nice article, Sarah, and I'm loving your new pieces. Bravo my friend! You are truly inspiring to be around.

J.d. Smith said:
Great article Sarah!!! I guess it tells the whole story... you said something I myself say, which is that I teach people "How to see." So right you are!