Day 9 of the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe
Day 9 of the Festival of the
Virgin of Guadalupe

Fiesta de Vida: My First Year in Mexico

by Darlene Carucci

I had visions of what my move to Puerto Vallarta would – and would not – include.

Sun, surf, exploration and adventure topped my list and have all been realized. Snow, cold, gray and darkness were excluded and happily not missed.

But who knew that my number one time investment would be fiestas?

Now, we as Americans have our holidays that we embrace and celebrate…But we're left behind in the celebration department when compared to Mexico.

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Publisher's Note: If you are among the many women who struggle with their exercise routine, be sure to read Yvonne deSousa's hilarious tale of woe.

Me and my Wii

by Yvonne deSousa

I am afraid of my TV.

Well, not my TV exactly but the little computerized community of wise guys who live in the Wii in my TV. They are the Mii's and I am convinced they are out to get me.

See, it doesn't help that the Wii and I had a dysfunctional relationship from the beginning. I had bought it used, in a suspicious back-alley deal, from an employee of a big name electronics store that shall remain nameless.

In desperation, I'd begged for one even though they had been sold out for months.

He took pity on my plight and offered to secretly sell me his used one as he'd utilized his employee discount to purchase an X-box, which had become cooler with his fellow teen males.

He felt so bad for me that he threw in his Wii games. I had no interest in Legend of Zelda, Dragon Ball Z, Resident Evil, or any football games. I was only interested in the Wii Fit.


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Restez Chez Moi, Quand Il Pleut

by Mariah Orchid Kelley

In April 2009, an exchange program through Sturgis High School brought 20 to 30 French high school students to Cape Cod for a ten-day immersion in American culture.

The young woman who stayed with my family, Marine, was the embodiment of what we'd imagined a French girl to be: petite, blonde, and sensationally fashionable.

Armed the entire ten days with a French/English dictionary and a tourist mindset, my family tried our best to show Cape Cod to her, in between her excursions with her entire exchange group.


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Mariah Orchid Kelley and her family take French Exchange student, Marine, to see Boston.

Mariah Orchid Kelley and her family
take French Exchange student, Marine

to see Boston.