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A Piece of Paper

How saying YES to an offer of help transforms a life and creates a home

by Michelle Pelletier

In the Fall of 2009 I was a participant in the Pathmakers Program at WE CAN. Mary Jaynes, the Program Director of WE CAN and leader of the Pathmakers Program, was opening one of our meetings with some housekeeping- community information, announcements, and check in with our group.

She held up an inconspicuous piece of paper and waved it above her head, "Does anyone want this?"

A piece of paper. 8.5 x 11. Yellow I think. Black text. Single sided. Life changing.

In January of 2009, everything was new. I had a newborn...was newly single...with a new business. My question, my mantra, my prayer became, "What do I do to honor the beauty in mine and my son's life? What do I do for financial bounty?"

I had recently committed to keeping my home on Cape Cod instead of moving to Santa Fe with family. My newborn and me...on the Cape, mid winter, new business.

I prayed every day, active prayers, while changing diapers, singing songs, washing dishes and breastfeeding. "I want my work to support my mothering," (I was attachment parenting). "I want the house to be warmer," (the old windows were drafty). "I want a sweet place for clients," (the front porch wasn't winterized but the sun was beautiful).

So I sat in my bungalow and flung my prayers to the Goddess as I tickled my son. As Winter turned into Summer, three answers came to mind.

The first answer: do more psychic readings. After 16 years of practicing massage, I needed my physical stamina to care for my son. And it was easy to do readings during nap time and while breastfeeding. My clients loved my son and Skype proved to be a simple way to connect with them and continue attachment parenting.

The second answer: become a part of WE CAN's Pathmakers Program. This informal and supportive gathering of women mentoring each other became integral to my wellbeing. Trips to the grocery store were a big deal at this point so meeting with my mentor was magic.

The third answer: devote my time to teaching psychic awareness. I was to step back onto a path I'd begun in 1999, teaching other sensitive souls psychic awareness. The internet was a perfect way to bring clients from all over the U.S. together into one sanctuary.

By the Fall of 2009 at my Pathmakers meeting, I was well on my way to a new life.

Mary gave the paper another flap in the air, "It's information about a grant for up to $35,000 to fix up your home for Dennis and Harwich residents."

My heart sang, "That's for me!" This is my answer. The answer I've been praying for.

I wanted to leap towards her and take gentle but firm hold of that paper.

I knew it was for me, my whole self vibrated with quiet enthusiasm. But I didn't say anything. I waited. Surely someone else would want this information too. She tossed the paper back and forth above her head, a kite trying to catch the breeze and fly.

When no one responded, as nonchalantly as I could, I raised my hand and said, "I'll take it."

Six months later I had been accepted into the remodeling program. Fourteen months later my little-fixer-upper-bungalow became the beautiful bungalow I had envisioned when I bought it.

Michelle's home during renovations
Michelle's home during renovations
Renovations complete
Renovations complete

Each of my prayers was given life through this grant to fix up my home. Now, my front porch is winterized so I have a lovely place for my private practice and a welcoming environment for my students.

I have new windows which save money on fuel. I don't need to rent an office so my finances come directly to me and my home. This is an important element as a single parent with a toddler. And I am able to build my schedule around my mothering.

Faith is about showing up even when you have no idea how your present situation will work out; a gentle cloud of calm which buoys you underneath the mental chaos, a sense of knowing, tangible yet inexplicable.

My intellect could not have brought me to the place faith, prayers and one piece of paper did.

The miracle of WE CAN in my life was a piece of paper.

A version of this story was originally presented at WE CAN's annual celebration in November 2012.

Photographs Courtesy of Michelle Pelletier

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Michelle Pelletier is the director of the Center for Psychic Healing which offers psychic readings and clairvoyant training in the heart of Cape Cod.

The Center is a sanctuary for sensitive souls who are learning to hone their psychic awareness as a healing in their lives.

Michelle is a Licensed Minister and brings her expertise and compassion to clients locally and internationally.

When you find yourself transforming from the inside out, her work can become an essential part of your growth process.


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