Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Rejoice in a time of Spiritual Bounty

It may feel as if the bounty in your life has waned because of the current circumstances of the world. In a time where things seem scarce, there is Spiritual Bounty.

Dearest beings of the New Dawn, for many of you this has been a time of great challenges and difficulties which may have pushed you beyond the limits of what you thought you were capable of, for better or worse.

The result of these challenges has created a strain in every fiber of your being, a strain that you feel every moment. You may experience wavering faith in a world where everything seems unpredictable and unsettling.

We know you have traveled down a long road of hard work, sometimes laboring just to get by. To keep things moving along, your endurance of mental and physical strength has been tested over and over and perhaps even exhausted.

In many ways, you question who you really are, why you are here and why things are the way they are. You may wonder how a new paradigm of compassionate living and spiritual abundance could ever be created in a world that feels increasingly self-centered and negative.

Know that it is our choice, collectively, as humans, to live in a world where compassionate living and spiritual abundance are the norm. And, individually, it is our choice to create an opening for Spiritual Bounty in our lives. First, we must get the ground ready for planting.

Think of the time and work that goes into planting and tending a garden: from the breaking of the soil, to the planting of seeds, to the nurturing of the young shoots with water and nutrients, to the weeding, to the defending the stalks against pests. To reach the harvest, the process takes work but also patience and faith.

Likewise, creating the right conditions for Spiritual Bounty also takes work, patience and faith. But if you put in the effort, the Universe will comply. Each of you will be an important part of the overall shift of consciousness.

To grow your own Spiritual Bounty, stay positive and focus on all of the blessings in your life. Celebrate even the little things. Concentrate on imagining your life as you want it to be.

Now is the time to let go, reflect upon your life and rejoice in a time of Spiritual Bounty. Spiritual Bounty is all around you, ready to be harvested and taken into your minds, your souls and your homes. Be open and aware of all that Spirit wants to give to you.

More blessings are arriving at this time to help us recover from our stressful earthly challenges and to transition into a better way of being, to serve ourselves and others. This bounty will keep flowing until all have received their share.

Take time to celebrate the Spiritual Bounty that is flowing to us this autumn. With this recognition of Spiritual Bounty, you will help to bring in new energy for abundance, harmony and balance to the world.

Lynne Delaney

Lynne Delaney is a Conscious Living Advisor & Reiki Master. Her Reiki treatments combine intuitive energy work and crystals.

She offers private sessions in spiritual guidance, intuitive tarot, and hypnotherapy. Group sessions include table-tipping and transfiguration.

With a background in science and spiritual studies, Lynne is able to better understand how both disciplines contribute to healing and well-being.

To make an appointment, phone (508) 241-3048 or email Lynne

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