I wanted to comment about the Article on Jackie Reeves (Winter 2011 Issue).

I think it was a good example of keen observation and clear communication skills by the writer. Nicola did a good job of describing the work and an excellent job of getting the artist to talk clearly about her work in a way that most people can understand and relate to. This is so important.

People need to see that it is not difficult to discuss art when you simply get to asking everyday questions about how something happens and why. Thanks so much for opening the door and showing us another real Cape Cod Woman working at being a professional artist and a great one at that! We are so fortunate to have this quality of talent in our region setting this kind of example for future generations.

Heather Blume

Hi Katie,

Thanks! The New Fiction article (Winter 2011 Issue) looks great - congrats to your web designer as well, because the whole layout is really well done.

Have a good weekend -
Where The Sidewalk Ends Bookstore

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Dear Nicola,

More and more I appreciate your website and the encouragement you are giving to writers, artists, etc. on Cape Cod. I am a Cape Codder by virtue of the fact I spent many, many summers on vacation in Hyannis, etc. I have biked all the trails available on the Cape - and know them by heart.

Best wishes,

Margaret Taylor
Edgewater, NJ

Congratulations on a beautiful online publication. It looks incredible. And I am not the sort of person who says something just to be nice. I truly mean what I'm saying.

Saralee Perel
Syndicated Award-winning Columnist & Novelist

Hi Nickey,

I enjoyed your article about Jackie Reeves in CWO. Then I "found" your blog and I really enjoyed reading it as well.

How time flies, when I first met you and did the Artist's Way with you, I think Steve was 2-3 and Sebastian around 6-7! Congratulations Mom! You did it! And what an awesome job you have done and are still doing! And, congratulations and good luck to Sebastian!


Dear Katie,

I just read your CSA article (Spring 2010 Issue) and noticed you failed to mention our CSA/Farmshare- the second oldest on Cape Cod, www.capecodorganicfarmshare.com and www.hawkswingfarm.com.

My daughter Kaycee Snowden has helped manage our farm for 6 years. Your article seemed to do a disservice to other local farms and CSA programs and seemed designed to benefit only one main farm?

We would appreciate it if you published our CSA info.

Thank you.
Billy Snowden
Farm Manager, Hawks Wing Farm

EDITOR'S NOTE: While I'm so sorry that you feel our magazine did you a disservice, my intent was not to boost one farm over any other but rather to educate our readers that CSAs exist and thrive here on the Cape. The third column of the article does list all Farms with CSAs available on Cape Cod, as well as giving a link for readers to plug in their zipcodes to find CSAs near their homes. I would love to run a story on Hawks Wing Farm. If your daughter Kaycee has any interest in writing an article I would be happy to receive her submission.

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Thank you Katie for such a wonderful, wonderful segment on Barbara Nagle! I'm here in Florida, and finally got access to your supportive and caring publication on-line!

A million thanks for another great job!

All my best,
Cindy :)!!!

Dear Katie,

Thanks for forwarding the Chart A Life article. It's terrific and truly captures the spirit of this program.

There is one correction I would like to make near the end of the article. One of the volunteer coordinators from New Hampshire did come to Barnstable to attend my inservice. She then returned to Nashua and made the connection with high school volunteers and taught them how to create Chart A Life posters. Her name is Liz Wolzko.

It's a great example of how the Chart A Life program keeps moving forward. Your wonderful article will now bring Chart A Life to the attention of others who may be interested in learning more.

Barbara Nagle

EDITOR'S NOTE: We corrected the article about Barbara to reflect this information. Read about the Chart-A-Life program that Barbara created in our Winter 2011 Issue.

I just finished reading your article, "I've Written a Book ~ Now What?" (Winter 2011 Issue) I enjoyed it and found it very worthwhile.

Many good ideas. Although I've done many of the things you suggest, the article reenergized me to keep plugging away. I appreciated the nod to Elizabeth Moisan who does so much to support local authors and the love of books.

Kathryn Kleekamp, via Facebook