From Publisher to Medical Intuitive...

by Gillian Drake

… but wait, that sounds like someone else's story—Carolyn Myss, I think. It happened to me too, though it's still hard for me to believe.

When I look back, I see it's been a journey that started 20 years ago, when I discovered I had chronic fatigue and realized it was up to me to heal myself.

I embarked on a rigorous regime, radically changing my diet and lifestyle and reading everything I could get my hands on about health and diet. It worked and I felt fantastic. Back then, I was focused on publishing deadlines; getting myself healthy was important so that I could keep up my punishing schedule.

Then a dozen years ago, quite by chance, I accompanied a friend to visit Dede Dunbar, a gifted psychic who lived in Brewster. The young woman who lived upstairs from me in the Provincetown waterfront condo complex I was living in at the time had made an appointment with Dede for herself and a friend, but the friend had cancelled – and he was the one with the car. Would I consider driving her to Brewster, she asked? And I could have his session.

Always ready to try something new, I said yes. I had a definite "show me" attitude and was determined not to give anything away. I was blown away by Dede's incredible abilities and her caring attitude, and went back to see her many times. For me, a session with Dede was more valuable than a year's worth of therapy with a psychologist.

Soon after, I took a course in Metaphysical Exploration with her, learning to listen to my intuition. Sadly, Dede passed away from cancer, but a new and equally gifted psychic started to practice in Brewster – Lynne Delaney.

I also met Lynne quite by chance, at a health fair at Willy's Gym in Eastham. I began to visit her professionally and took classes with her, and that helped me to see that I was "claircognizant," something I'd never heard of before. It means I just know things, without knowing how. Well, I thought to myself, that explains why I am so opinionated!

At one of her classes, I discovered I'm a whiz with a pendulum. I failed miserably at spoon bending, couldn't see an aura to save my life, and wasn't able to communicate with spirits, but I had my pendulum swinging up to the ceiling and answering any questions I asked it. It was really uncanny.

My chiropractor had shown me some years before how I could test food to see if I was sensitive to it using kinesiology, which means your muscles go weak if you are holding a food that's not good for you. So I was familiar with that method. Then I realized that the two methods can work together.

I discovered that I can use the power of the muscles in my fingers as a pendulum, to test truth against falsehood, to test the freshness and nutrition of food (which I call Life Force Energy), and to diagnose the health of the organs of the body.

But the most inspirational part of this story, I think, is how I came to the realization that I had been given a gift that I could use to help other people.

This spring, after 35 years in the printing/publishing field, I realized I was tired of deadlines and wanted to do something different. But I didn't know what it was. I had tried a lot of different things and they just didn't "feel right." My heart wasn't in them. So after my annual art magazine was published in June, I decided to leave a space in my life for something new to come in.

I told people, when they asked me what I was doing next, that I was doing nothing. That in fact, I was actively practicing doing nothing. It was really scary, but at the same time it was interesting to observe my reactions. I have some notes I made: "My ego fears I will become indolent and non-productive." And I added a quote by Rumi: "Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment."

Then wisdom overtook fear and I wrote: "I have learned from experience that when I slow down to the point where I am afraid of becoming indolent and non-productive that I instead become rested and then inspired. The need to strive for answers will disappear. It will be replaced by a patient knowing that divine design will reveal what the next step along the path of my sacred quest will be."

So I hung in there, all through July and into August. But all the time I was reading avidly – books on nutrition and quantum physics and electromagnetic energy, my favorite kind of bedtime reading. Then I re-read "The Secret Life of Plants," after first reading it 15 years before, and light bulbs began going off in my head.

I started to put it all together, developing charts that show the Life Force Energy content of food, emotions and the environment, and how sub-standard food, negative emotions and polluted environments can make us sick, and devising methods of calibrating the level of health of the body.

I'm now seeing clients and providing them with an intuitive body scan of every organ, as well as testing them for various conditions, such as acid/alkali balance, Candida Albicans level, and general level of inflammation.

I can also provide a customized dietary plan based on each person's sensitivities to certain foods, and check them for Lyme disease, which I have diagnosed in about half the people I've calibrated so far. I can also diagnose cancer, its location, and the degree of its progression.

Of course, I don't treat these conditions, I am not qualified to do so, but I can suggest to clients that they might want to consult their doctor if they have a reading that warrants further investigation. Many people are fearful that there's something going on in their body they don't know about, and by doing this body scan, my clients can set their minds at rest.

Knowledge is power.

I love doing this; I love helping people. I feel it's what I was put on this Earth to do. The most ironic thing about all this is that I'd always felt I should be doing something more heroic with my life, like saving lives. I used to say, "Well, I'm not a nurse on the front lines in Iraq, I'm just not that kind of person," as if, if I WERE that kind of person, I'd be right out there saving lives.

Now I realize that I CAN help to save lives. And that just shows how our deepest wishes do come true, but often not in the ways we think they will.

Gillian Drake

Gillian Drake is the founder of Cape Women magazine, the publisher of Cape Arts Review magazine, and the author of the Cape Cod Fish and Seafood Cookbook, among others.

She is also co-owner of a villa in Tuscany which hosts retreats for groups of up to 10 people: She sees clients at her office in North Eastham and can also meet them at their home.

Contact her for more information at:

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