\ Cape Women Online Reader Letters Holiday 2011

Dear Cape Women Online.

I really enjoyed reading the meditation article in the Fall issue by Constance Wilkinson.

I have a question about meditation and would love to hear what Constance thinks. I live in a very small house with a busy family, and at times I find it hard to meditate.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Publisher's Note: Thank you for your letter Jackie – synchronicity has stepped in here because Constance has joined CWO as our resident meditation guru and she WELCOMES reader's questions about meditation. Follow this link to her column. She will be sure to respond to your query in the Winter issue of CapeWomenOnline magazine.


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Hello! I am a writer and busy travel executive who lives part-time in Eastham. How can I get on your wonderful roster of contributors?

K.S. Mueller

Editor's Note: CWO is open to submissions from all Cape women. Check out our online Submission guidelines, and read K.S. Mueller's article in this issue!

We love to hear from Cape Women and we appreciate your Feedback about Cape Women Online magazine.

If you have an idea for a story or feature, please email Katie or Nicola.

We are currently accepting articles for future issues. Early submissions are always welcome!

Dear Nicola, Katie and Jane,

Thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity to publish in your fabulous publication. It is always so moving to be part of an exquisite publication.

Happiness and magic in your day!

Kim Baker

Dear Editor,

I learned about your magazine through a friend. As I looked through the CWO website, I was blown away.

The quality of the writing, the variety of areas covered, and the originality of presentation are truly inspiring.

Thank you for being such a wonderful resource for women on the Cape.


Marie Canaves

Artist and Professor of Art History
Cape Cod Community College

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Dear Nicola,

It's always such a treat to receive your email announcing the current issue of CapeWomenOnline!

The stories are thought-provoking (Beverly Ryle's article, Mini-Mart Surprise, shows us that it's not always the way we think it is), humorous (enjoy a chuckle when you read Me and my Wii by Yvonne deSousa) and, of course, inspirational (learn about amazing people like Jodi Pear in Cape Cod Community Angels by Claudia Robinson).

I also love checking out the events and classes that are happening around the area! It's a great way to get the word out about a program or workshop someone is offering and the process to get it posted on the CapeWomenOnline website is so easy!

Thank you for your dedication and passion for helping the women on the Cape to connect with what is authentic and genuinely important to us!

I look forward to the next issue!

All my best,
Helen Kosinski
Better Than Ever Coaching


Thank you for publishing my story, "The Switch."

It was lovely and surreal to see it in "print." I also enjoyed seeing all the other extraordinary women I was published with. I love seeing all the different perspectives on the site, and it is an honor to be included amongst them.


Mary Schaller