Spiritual Awareness vs. Safety

by Michelle Pelletier

Atheist energy has got a hold of one of my students.

It has pulled him by the scruff into the abyss of "nothing's changing," which brought him to his knees staring into "maybe I shouldn't do this training right now," and finally, body dangling precariously on the edge, he slipped into "I want do somethinggggg else, anythinggggg else."

He is struggling with a white energy around his seventh chakra.

It has been there since childhood. This energy came into his space to protect him from traumatic experiences with his family. These experiences were overwhelming to his child body and psyche.

When the white energy came in, it created a barrier between his spirit and body experiences. It denied the trauma, which helped him stay near himself. The end result was this core belief: "I have to deny my feeling experiences."

Flash forward 35 years.

He is now a busy man who works to help others and puts himself last. He is a martyr to his life.

In his energy awareness training, he's begun to see himself as spirit. His inner light has turned on. But way back when, he brought in an energy that helped him deny his truth. Now it wants to deny he's changing. He's banging against a door he shut. He is caught between his growing spiritual awareness and his need to be safe.

The atheist energy in his space serves a clear purpose. It denies his spiritual experience and he feels safe.

So what is a next step at this stop gap when we want to shift to a greater spiritual awareness of ourselves?

Here are some ideas:

  • acknowledge our creative response to a past experience
  • see the pattern we created to handle it
  • grieve the loss
  • get a healing
  • meditate
  • allow the new to come in

The first step is awareness. We bring our attention to the pattern. We notice the constant running, non-stop work, handling the weight of others problems, the feeling there is no room to breathe.

We sit still with ourselves and give ourselves permission to know our multiverse of sensory experiences. Slowly, we sift through our feelings to recognize what is true for us.

If we are denying a past time pain, in meditation we can allow it to wash down through our grounding cord into the earth. This brings more of our life force energy into present time.

We get a healing. A healing validates our self no matter what we are releasing. And here is a hint; we are not what we are releasing!

So what allows our new self to emerge? We forgive ourselves. We forgive our response to a moment that overwhelmed us. It's a beautiful and fulfilling moment when we stop fighting our pain and let it be.

When we start energy awareness training we don't expect to be fighting decisions we've made in the past to have our spiritual truth in present time. But sometimes as we grow, the best we were able to do for ourselves in the past, no longer serves us now.


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Michelle Pelletier is a Licensed Minister, Psychic Reader and Energy Awareness Teacher. She is the Director of Body Alive, which offers 1 to 1 sessions, Workshops and Programs in Energy Awareness in Harwich and via Skype.

Former healer-in-residence at Chatham Bars Inn, she brings her expertise and compassion to clients locally and internationally. She teaches clients to recognize their sanctuary within and listen attentively to their own voice.

She has 18 years experience as an Intuitive Bodyworker and Healing Teacher in California and the Cape. She is a regular guest speaker at New Thought Churches. When you find yourself transforming from the inside out, her work can become an essential part of your growth process. She dedicates her work to the you you are becoming.


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