Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Connecting with your Sacred Self

All of a sudden, Autumn approaches once again. The leaves color and fall, the birds point south, the air takes on that crisp edge that indicates that we are on the cusp of a new season. From the frenetic pace of summer, we now ease off, breathe deeper, and embrace the quieter months that are upon us.

As the rhythm of seasons change, so too should our inner cycles of energy and focus. Fall is the time of contemplation, so don't deny yourself the opportunity to embrace that inner space, that gentle place where you can connect with your sacred self. It is a precious gift that truly has no season. It is always there, waiting for an opening in the schedule, for a deep breath amidst the multi-tasking.

Times are busy and uncertain. Worldly demands are pressing. Schedules pin us to the wall. And even the Earth challenges us as storms roar at us. But all of this is only half of the equation of our lives.

What is our purpose? For some, the question plagues us, haunting us to the point of distraction. For others, material life is too distracting to bother which such notions. Part of that purpose, at least, is to discover the sacred self within.

When you give yourself time, through meditation or musing, or pampering yourself or otherwise relaxing to the point where the buzz of the mind and apparent urgency of your earthly obligations goes silent, then you begin a conversation with your inner, sacred self.

This conversation does not always take place with words. In fact, often there are no thoughts at all. But there are strong, true feelings and perhaps some notions of new paths to take, new resolutions to problems, new inspirations that make your heart and energy feel expanded.

It is this sacred inner path, as it unfolds, that is as real and necessary a part of your journey as any "to-do" list or stretch of the calendar. If you take time to connect with it, to act upon these inspirations - as you stay anchored in love, faith and trust – then you will find many aspects of your life transform and move into new form and onto direction.

You will also find that as you continue to connect with your sacred self, you will be able to connect with others in a deeper and more profound way. Limitations that may have been there will melt away, leaving space for a connection on many levels of the soul. This will elevate you to new heights of your consciousness and bring you to a new level of love. This is the true essence of the sacred self, which creates a respect for yourself and a reverence for that part of you that is connected to Divine Spirit.

To connect, take deep breaths, meditate or go on a long walk in nature. Journal your inner most thoughts and feelings. Write a poem or song. Spend some time with your inner self and allow it to emerge without control or planning.

Honor this part of who you are - your sacred self - and see how this act will create positive and calming changes in your lives. Your sacred self will act as a conduit for others around you who also need to connect with this part of them. It is a wonderful and magical gift given by Infinite Spirit.

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