Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Negotiating Shifting Tides

Dear beings of the new dawn. Know that as you read this, you are safe, loved, and cared for in many ways. At this time, it is important that you remember these things, even if you cannot always feel them. Find new faith and then keep hold of it like never before. Trust that whatever happens, you will be safe in the energy of Infinite Spirit.

We know there are many large forces of energy moving through the world now, and that sometimes energetically it feels like too much to bear. Please hold on, and understand that these energetic changes are necessary in order for the collective consciousness to shift into the realms of love, compassion and understanding.

As our planet's energy prepares for this transition, you will feel turbulence, uncertainty and even mistrust. Many of these fears are from the collective consciousness and from the deepest parts of your individual soul.

You need to shed such oppressive feelings. If such fears arise, acknowledge them and let them go - into the light of Divine Love. When you do this, you are helping the collective consciousness to release these kinds of energies too.

It will take extra effort from you to stay positive and in the light of love as things vacillate around you like a roiling dark storm. Remember to ride the storm and not get caught up in the force of it. This will take constant reminding and discipline from your inner self.

Continually connect to your inner spirit and to Infinite Spirit. This will help to anchor you to your inner truth and to the Truth of the Universe; and the truth is LOVE.

During these shifting times, love yourself more, and love others more too. Find compassion in your heart and see the common ground in all people and in all situations. We will need each other's help in the coming years. Connect with those who have light in their hearts and send light to those who do not.

Change is coming, so be prepared by stepping into your power and finding endurance through Love.

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